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Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Day to the Bay

Ii is not everyday that you get the opportunity to meet a Cousin (3rd Once Removed)) and so Gail and I high-tailed it down the road -- 85 miles worth -- to meet Lila (Myki) & Dale. Myki and her husband were on a cruise -- lucky people -- and one of the Ports-of-Call was San Francisco. And we had not been to the City for some time and this was a great opportunity:

The above shows some of our day around the Bay. Myki & Dale are in the middle photo taking a cookie break. Above is a portion of their Sapphire Princess ship that seemed to dominate the pier -- 2600 passengers were listed as on board.. We had a very enjoyable visit and got to know one another a little with the promise that we would continue via online communication and you never know, maybe a trip to visit where they are in Michigan (at some point).

The day was beautiful and Gail (who was doing all the driving) got to renew her feelings about the "streets of San Francisco". After the cookies above we drove over to Lombard Street and drove down the "crookedest" street and it did not disappoint.

Before we linked up, Myki & Dale (and the nine other relatives of Dale who were on the cruise together) all went to tour Alcatraz and then to Muir Woods -- we on the other hand had a high priority mission of purchasing a dozen (plus two) BBQ Pork Buns from our favorite location on Clement Street -- that mission was accomplished . . . mmmm good.

The visit was brief but very nice. We headed home across the bridge and back to Healdsburg in time still to hit The Wurst for dinner (sausages and hot dogs). And then for both of us to unwind from the more high level intensity of the day.

Dino's Day (not around the bay)

While we were doing our thing, Dino was enjoying his day at the local "SPA" or Veterinary Lodging. He was slated for a nice bath and getting his nails done. We left him with his favorite chewing bone -- a Nyla bone --
and the correct portion of his favorite food.

It was unusual to not have Dino around the house when we returned as we were picking him up the next morning. Every so often that night we thought we'd "take Dino out if he wanted to" . . . NOT.

The above is where Dino relaxed and then we picked him up . . . he almost pulled the attendant off her feet when he came out into the lobby and saw us. There are only so many moments like that . . . he quickly has gotten back into his routines and enjoying the moment. I am sure he was spoiled at the SPA -- Auggie before him always loved going there too . . .

Genealogy Things

I did have a chance to do some Genealogy and it seems like whenever you get back from being "away" even though it was just a day, everything looks different and somehow more doable than before, if that makes any sense.
I was off and running around the branches of the tree and then I attended another webinar -- this one on Land Records. There are four main categories of records -- Census, Vital, Land & Probate. I pretty much am working with the Census and Vital every day -- Land & Probate, not-so-much . . .

Mary Hill delivered a great webinar -- she is very knowledgeable on the subject and encouraged us all to "seek that deed". Many of our ancestors did in fact own land and the records show so much about them and their lives. I will diligently try to find more of those records.

Later in the week I came across a picture of land one of my Great Grandmothers -- we each have four of them -- this one the wife of Captain Samuel Martin, Elise. She is seated with several of her Great Grandchildren -- not me nor any of my siblings, but Cousins:

I thought it nice to share this photo of Elise with 6 Cousins of mine, some of her Great Grandchildren:
Leslie Hiles, probably Vivian Hiles in her lap, the other one I do not know, and then standing, Helen Clifton and seated in front, Doris & Ruth Clifton. The photo was probably taken around 1936 in Racine, Wisconsin.

Tool(s) of the Day

I renewed my involvement with a great tool used by many genealogists (and so many others). This comes from the fact that I have a new computer up and running (on the web too) and I have room again to have Google Earth loaded again.

I have probably spent the better part of two days this week just trying to locate every address that I can find for relatives just to get a picture of their homes. In the meantime I have "driven" around most of my old neighborhoods and loving it.

When we drove down the "crookedest" street earlier in the week I saw a Volvo honking at some sightseers who were in the way of their driveway and I knew which house it was going to and I thought that I had just seen that earlier but I realized it had been on a "Google Earth" trip that I had seen that Volvo before -- you can check it out yourself . . .

Take a few trips around the places that you know and have fun. I am going to take another upcoming webinar on how best to use Google Earth for genealogy . . .

It Could Happen . . .

There are a lot of things out there that "could happen" and some of them are even nice to think or dream about. Of course what else could I be teasing about -- the lotto and specifically POWERBALL. This day someone or more than one someone may win $600 or more million . . . if no one wins this week, then next week the jackpot will be close to One Billion Dollars . . .

But you cannot win IF you have not purchased a ticket -- or two . . . I have made the purchase and was surprised that there was no line. I have heard of California locations where there was a two-hour wait . . .

Above is a portion of my ticket and some of the whoopla . . . it is probably too late to buy a ticket now though. This is the first year for California to have the Powerball, nice and supposedly Education in our state will benefit as well. I am going to "listen" for the winner.

That was a part of our week, see you in a few!

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