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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cousins Who Met Online -- Will Meet in San Francisco

This past week started out the way the previous week finished -- with massive difficulties getting online related to the problems associated with the new Netgear Router. As a matter of fact it was only til late Wednesday evening that things "were lookin' up" . . . actually like every thing's coming up Roses:

These are actually the roses alongside of our garage and they are fully in bloom and beautiful. Sadly they don't last forever and will soon start to deteriorate some. But in the meantime we do enjoy them. Now back to the router issues -- why does it take so much effort to have this device work properly and allow our computers and associated devices the online access to enjoy the web.

At the moment and for the last three days now all is well and it feels great to have all up and running -- again.

Great Strides Outside

While I was tethered to the telephone with numerous (very polite) folks from India, Gail was working in the yard quite a bit, partly because she knew it was "the thing to do" and partly because it kept she and Dino outside, where the livin' was easier. She planted the garden with vegetables (not as many as last year though) and several flower replacements.

A dwarf (with lantern) was actually placed at the corner of the garden to oversee the progress -- we're old. Some of the progress is shown above, we love the red flowers and the one flower in the yellow pot above is actually a "bug eating" plant that comes in at night . . . usually with it's fill of gnat-type things stuck to it's branches.

Webinar Break

It was not until Friday that I had the chance to watch/listen to a webinar -- and this one was just what the doc ordered -- it was on digital images of which I have a few (20,000 give or take). Geoff  from Legacy Family Tree Webinars  did a webinar that was not scripted so-to-speak. He demonstrated several things to do and handle digital images and we got to see the process (a few mistakes and all) as it took place.

All in all, a very good way to learn -- and I did learn several things that will at first slow me down but over time will save me a ton of time.

If you have the time -- or even if you don't -- check out these free webinars. I always learn something from them. When you view them live they are free and then are available to view for usually a week or so later also free -- eventually they are put on CDs and are available for purchase and also for a pay-for-view.

I look forward to the next "live" performance as the demonstration and steps really help.

Dino's Deck

Besides the tech mess this and last week -- we had the challenge of assembly this and last week. This week though we had ordered two gates to place at the end of the deck -- mostly in case we "get" another Guide Dog for the Blind Puppy -- but also because it keeps Dino where we can see him as he loves soaking up the sun on the deck and then often disappears around the yard . . .

Pleasantly, the two free-standing gates were perfect for what we wanted AND only one bolt to add to each completed the assembly that we required. Dino is content and we are thrilled. The red gliders are last week's challenge. It was rainy a couple of days this week but today it is supposed to be hot -- 90s -- so we are inside with the a/c on . . . Dino did spend some time "sunning" in his neck of the deck.

Genealogy on TV

We don't have a huge amount of shows on TV related to genealogy -- but that may be changing. There is one show on HBO starting tomorrow night that, while it is not a "how-to" show it sounds like it might be fun to watch -- we'll record it and watch it on our schedule.

"Family Tree" has a great name and I hope that it lives up to that. The second one, "Genealogy Roadshow" is slated to begin in the fall on PBS -- that really sounds good. The above two were featured on Dick Eastman's Blog and as always he is on top of the doings concerning genealogy.

I have heard too that "Who Do You Think You Are" has been picked up by I think, TLC and will be appearing later this year too. That is really good news because I enjoyed that show a lot.

Los Angeles Times (Along with the Chicago Tribune) May be Sold

I mention the sale partly because both papers I "grew up with" and because I read them both daily for years, AND also delivered both for awhile. But the following article was printed in the LA Times last week -- and while hardly surprising, it further adds to the interest shown in things genealogical:

I have had my DNA sent in to two different companies and have had several different tests run and judging from the huge number of  "hits" that I get, albeit several cousin layers deep, it is becoming apparent that the above story re DNA testing gets better and better.

The more people that get tested the better the results will be. I have had a few good leads on just where my (our) ancestors came from -- now I guess just about everywhere . . .

Speaking of Cousin Layers

I have found new cousins in a variety of ways -- but most of the ones that I have communicated with and have proven some real connection I have found "online".  And that is true with the following cousin who -- if all goes right -- I will meet in about 48 hours:

Click on the above to learn more about the "cruisin'" cousin coming to a port in San Francisco on Monday and Gail and I are headin' that way to hopefully link up (between Alcatraz and Muir Woods and other points of interest).

We are looking forward to meeting and getting to know -- another cousin that we should already have met or at least known about . . . we'll fill you in on our adventure (Dino will be visiting a "salon" for the day).

Lastly -- the Second Sunday in May . . .

How could we not recognize a very special day for us all. When I worked in the telecommunications world, tomorrow would be one of the all time busiest calling days of the year.  Some calls were obligatory and some were actually made through free choice. Whatever the reason, mostly they were appreciated.  A lot of us can only "recall" the experience and look back having a hard time realizing "it was so long ago" and that the time went fast.

And so, keeping it simple, a kiss, a gift and some flowers says it all.

That's a bit of our week, see you all in a few!

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