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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Last Harvest in the Greens . . . Rockin' for Rain

I am not sure how some folks are so lucky. Two days ago the house up the street was having a new roof put on and just as the last hammering echoed throughout the neighborhood last evening -- the rain started . . .

But on Friday morning it was still Springlike during the day. Dino and I went through our normal morning exercises in the back yard -- playing catch or I throw a dog toy and he gets it and plays keep away . . .

The flowers are still out but are coming to their sad ending for the season. While we were running through our routine we were interrupted by the rumbling sound of the yard waste container being brought close to the garden . . . Gail decided that this morning was the perfect morning to start the "last" harvest for this year.

There couldn't be much left so I decided on "pitching" in as best as I could -- actually I sat down on the garden wall and she handed me vines of tomatoes to remove and starting flipping me lemon cucumbers.

At first glance we only saw a few tomatoes and one or two cucumbers -- the above shows what we actually got after just a short while -- we ran out of bucket space and had to make more than one trip. It always amazes me with the amount of produce that we get from a fairly small space.

The cucumbers will end up at the Food Bank for disposition to some lucky recipients (after keeping a few for our consumption) but the tomatoes were processed and made into sauce -- which slowly cooked the rest of the day and then pureed along with some Italian herbs and spices.

Another Resumption

This week while working around the family history trees I decided (maybe out of guilt) to resume giving back in the way of "indexing" records for I had worked on indexing the 1940 Federal Census last year and felt "good" about that.

But there are numerous other opportunities to pitch in and get records indexed so that they are available to genealogists all over the world -- a worthwhile effort -- and besides I could pick and choose "my hours" and times and when I found myself slowing down on whatever I was working on I would jump into doing indexing for an hour or so:

So if you have some free time and are looking for something to do -- this is not only beneficial but actually can be a learning process as well.  There are a variety of projects in progress and working with some of the old documents can test our skills and abilities.

It is easy to do and any information that is indexed is made available for free to everyone. The site itself is a great genealogical boon to anyone doing family history:   check it out    Family Search  on the main page there are several tabs -- one of them is for "indexing".

Born This Week

It is a good thing that I changed the format of this report for there was No one "Born on This Day" from our tree anyway or that I know of . . .

Click on the above to enlarge the chart -- looking at the days the 19th had a lot of folks from our tree born on that day. The 17th though had a lot of HILES' born that day. The 20th was the birthday of our cousin, the former California governor, James Norris Gillett.

We wish all the above a "happy day".

Other Activities this Week

I recently received several pages (the black kind) with pictures glued in a nice presentation method that was so popular then and even nowadays. The pages belonged to my Mother and have been in the hands of my brother. As happens with photos they can sometimes sit for years in a closet somewhere.

I am happy to see the photos and I know that there are many many relatives pictured there most of whom I probably do not have pictures of until now -- the really sad thing is that most of the photos are not identified.
So I can not put faces to many of the names in my immediate branch.

The above is an example of what I mean -- my Mother, I think, is on the top left standing with nine other people. My guess is that the location probably is in Iowa around the mid 1920s on somebody's farm. The other nine folks are probably relatives -- but which ones . . .

If anyone can identify anyone above please let me know . . . thanks. The photos are glued onto the black pages -- some photos come loose and some I try to coax off the pages and a few of them have names written on the back. Sadly often I can see writing beneath the edges of the black paper and where there is writing it seems that is where the most glue is . . .

Webinar Wednesday 

This week I enjoyed the opportunity to learn from the last week of webinars for almost a month. Legacy Family Tree folks are going on their annual "cruise" next week and so for that period of time and a reasonable time after there will be no webinars -- I'll miss that a lot.

This week we enjoyed Marian Pierre-Louis present the second half of her webinar on "audio" and the numerous ways to share audios. I learned a lot and hope that I can actually put some of it into practice and into this blog.

This week's webinar they had a very nice feature and that was that for part of the presenting we (in the audience) could see Geoff and Marian as they presented -- a very nice feature.

Wrapping up the Week

After an exhausting walk the three of us decided to utilize the calming effects of our front porch. The last nail-gun bursts could be heard on the nearby roof and the skies were clouding over. We decided to sit and "rock" until the UPS guy came -- which he did and shortly later we went inside to the reality of the daily news.

Sitting on the front porch is nice and reminds me of sitting on the front porch at my Grandparent's house in Chicago -- in those days a lot of people exchanged pleasantries while sitting there as many of their neighbors wandered by -- today we almost saw no one walking by . . .

Shortly going inside it started to rain -- Dino went out briefly and wanted back in right away . . .

Something to Look Forward To (genealogically speaking)

Coming up on Monday evening on your local PBS channel is a new show -- The Genealogy Roadshow --
and it will air for four segments in the coming weeks.

Now since WDYTYA is over for this year this new show will be nice to view:

Apparently it is modeled after the "Antiques Roadshow" that we have enjoyed for years. Britain has had this show already and it is quite popular.  I look forward to it as the subjects of the research will be "average folks" like some us . . .

Something Else to Look Forward to as Well

As if there was not already a lot of pressure in our lives from so many angles, the end of Summer -- tomorrow -- brings about new pressure points:

So -- how many shopping days left until Christmas 2013 -- and has anyone seen a Christmas display up yet in the stores OR heard carols being played . . .

I've already got some of my shopping done -- I can't believe it -- I hope that I can locate where it is that I have "stashed" the gifts and if I can remember what is what for whom . . . what pressure.

That is part of our week -- hope your week was good as well. See you in a few! Burgers tonight . . .

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