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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Smoke, Ice 'n' NFL Return to Healdsburg

Starting the week out with Labor Day week end was huge. Growing up in the Midwest this holiday marked the end of the year when white and other lighter colors were no longer socially acceptable. I can't imagine this custom still in vogue today -- today I'm even wearing a light purplish t-shirt . . .

So how did we celebrate the actual holiday -- with the Flag and Bunting displayed in the front yard, we retired to the back yard for a day unlike many that we have enjoyed this year:

It was a hot day so we had a plan. Turn the a/c on inside and relax in the morning for a while -- then hit the outside and the pool (the water was over 80° since we put the cover on) and then just sit in the shade and enjoy the day . . .

We also started the "smoker" (while we splashed around in the pool)  and added several different chicken parts and two slabs of baby-back ribs . . .

Later when we wanted to just unwind we played several hands of Quiddler -- poolside. Dino wasn't really sure what we were doing outside so much this day, but he did his part by sunbathing as well:

He resisted getting too near the water and chose instead to stay on a very warm piece of concrete that alternately sent him over to us for ice or just attention. Maybe in the future he'll join us in the pool but for now, no . . .

NFL Returns to Healdsburg (Okay via TV)

It could happen . . . but the opening game of the NFL season came on Thursday night right from Denver. There was a delay to the start due to lightening and that did not account for the lightening strikes on the field led by Peyton Manning (I wonder what the Colts think). 

Seven touchdown passes later and sharing a record of some 44 years ago, the Broncos won handily. Maybe it was the attitude altitude in Mile-High Stadium, whatever, the season got off to a great viewing start.

And there is more -- for us here in the Bay Area the Forty-Niners play the Green Bay Packers this Sunday. Usually I root for the Pack, but not this game, it's the Niners all the way. 

Not All Fun & Games (this week)

While rooting around in our freezer in the garage looking for meat to smoke we discovered that there was a great deal of ice in the bottom of the freezer. We had no idea where it came from or how it got there -- but it was there and kept us from sliding the bottom drawers out.

Unfortunately Gail selected a day when I had already scheduled other "work" to complete so she tackled the job herself. I of course wanted to be kept up-to-date on the progress and alerted if need be.

I still remember growing up with refrigerator/freezers that periodically needed to be shut down and the ice removed -- those days I thought were long gone:

We had a coil-top similar to one of those on the far top right -- the others are examples of the more upscale versions. Below are the pictures of the shelving and area of our modern-day box. After trying a hair-dryer and then warm tap water Gail finally gave in to boiling water to free the inch or so thick ice which did the trick. We suspect that the freezer got shut down during the remodeling recently which caused the accumulation of water and then the ice . . . the meat all seemed fine AND delicious after smoking.

Another TWO-WEBINAR Week

A holiday, the opening of the NFL season AND two webinars, what more could you want. This week on Wednesday and on Friday, Legacy Family Tree Webinars held two:

The first on was about how to "wring" the most out of the records that we find during our research -- very helpful and well presented. I recognize the "wringer" and remember my Mother using one like that.

The second webinar was about doing "more" with blogging and presented by "Dear Myrtle" who always has good and interesting advice. 

Both webinars are still available for viewing (no charge)  at Legacy Family Tree for a few more days before they go into archiving and then there is a charge to view them.

A Milestone This Week . . .

An event that I attended 55 years ago last night still is fresh in my memory AND it commemorates the marriage of my sister, Marilee and he husband Bill.

So we send congratulations to Mar & Bill on this special occasion -- they are either in Florida or Illinois, I can't keep track . . .

Lastly This Week

The last two posts I have included an "occupation" quiz from the Genealogy Bank website. Here is one more. I am sure that in a hundred years some of the occupations of today e.g. "web designer"  and things relating to the computer industry will be on a definitions list somewhere.

Well. I better go -- I think I see a #6 heading my way . . .

And that is some of our week, hope yours was good too!  See you in a few! Burgers tonight . . .

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