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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Are You Ready for Some Football & Stuff . . .

Last year on the day before the Superbowl I was eagerly awaiting to be "freed" after my 21 day "visit" to the hospital with Guillain-Barre. This year I am eagerly looking forward to enjoying a good game (along with my brother and his wife) even though our home team is not playing -- they were soooo close . . .

But, I am amazed at the number of things going on all around the world that we will take part in by viewing from our sofa vantage point:

First of all -- Chinese New Year began on January 29 and runs for several days with all kinds of celebrations around the world. In China apparently it is the largest movement of people ever with millions making the trek home to visit and be with their families at this time.

It is the "year of the horse" and my birth year is in that sign. I am not sure how much of my own personality matches the traits listed for the horse -- but maybe some.

The "Big Game" 

What else could be more fun for football fans than Superbowl Sunday. Yesterday while in the supermarket glancing at the shopping carts it wasn't hard to see what kinds of things were being purchased and for what reason. There was certainly activity around the avocado displays. Growing up I had never even heard of an avocado, and I know we never had one. When I moved to California one of the first houses that I lived in there was a large avocado tree stretching over the house -- and occasionally we would hear thumps on the roof as an avocado would fall from the tree and we thought that that was very annoying -- boy, would I love to be annoyed like that today.

So, in case you need to be reminded, above are the two teams playing tomorrow. We have seen bits and pieces of them gearing up for the game which is being played in the "outdoors" for a change -- the way many folks think the game ought to be played. I just know that hopefully it won't snow over our couch as it may over the stadium.

We plan to enjoy the game AND the commercials. This is one time that we usually do not "skip" the commercials like on the regular season games. We have already watched a showing of the "greatest" Superbowl commercials and loved it -- except for the regular commercial breaks . . .

Webinar Wednesday

This week I enjoyed the webinar again even though going into it I wasn't sure as it was about Canadian ancestors and our tree has some but not a ton of them.

Surprisingly I did learn a lot which could be applied to doing research in other countries as well. But there were many aspects of the Canadian that I had never really thought about -- including the fact that there has been much back & forth activity with many families.

Fireside Chat(s)

This was a bonus for me this week -- finding out that Mocavo has opened up their conversations with noted genealogists to all who would like to "sit-in". Last week I watched and listened as well.

This week's chat was with Cindy of "Cindy's List" and was very interesting to see how the list began and grew to the huge size that it is today.

Last week I sat in on the conversation with Thomas MacEntee and found that interesting as well. What is really nice about the "chats" are besides being free, they are videotaped and then can be played at your own convenience, when and where you have the interest and time. Check out the link above . . .

From Our Tree in the Coming Week

The pace of folks having birthdays in the coming week seems to have picked up some. Notably for Gail, on February 8, marks what would have been her mother's 95th birthday. Myrtle Rahman Bouldron was born
in 1919.

Also on February 8th marks the 93rd wedding anniversary (1921) for Gail's Grand Aunt & Uncle Cochrane.

Follow-Up on Land Ownership

Several post ago I mentioned that I was looking for proof of land ownership for folks from our tree. I have a couple of examples for two of my Great Grand Uncles.

The first is for Thomas Hiles ( a brother of my Great Grandfather John):

The above shows a map giving the details of the 40 acres that Thomas owned and farmed near the town of Leon, Monroe County, Wisconsin. Interestingly as well, to the right and slightly north, property can be seen owned by A.G. Aylesworth who was Thomas' wife's first husband.

If you do a "search" at the top of this blog on "Thomas Hiles" you can see other references to him in other blog posts.

Secondly, is for Leroy Hiles (also a brother to my Great Grandfather John):

As you can see, Leroy owned 60 acres of land just south of the city of Viroqua. What also is interesting about this is that my nephew, Jeremy and family live in Viroqua today, and maybe they have driven past this land without ever having a notion that it was once owned by one of Jeremy's ancestors.

Both of the above are records located in, and they are from the 1890s. You can also search this blog for other references to Leroy Hiles.

What Else Could be Happening

Unbelievably this week is the start of the Winter Games in Sochi. We always enjoy watching these events, and they represent (hopefully) some of the "good" things that are happening in the world.

There is sometimes a letdown after the Superbowl because it marks the end of that sport for the season -- but the above events will click in shortly and absorb our interest for a few weeks ( and we just heard that baseball spring training kicks in soon as well) . . .

And Lastly . . .

In what may appear to be "overload" the largest genealogical event is also being held this week. If I had had the gumption I would have -- maybe -- planned to attend in person . . . as I said last year, maybe next year:

The good news is that many of the "talks" will be available for streaming so that those of us who can not attend can still participate to some degree. The conference is being held in Salt Lake City again which especially at this time of the year is quite stunning.

The bad thing is that there is no webinar or fireside chat next week as everyone who is anyone in genealogy will be in SLC . . .

So that is a bit of our week -- we are having "gut bombs and guacamole" tomorrow, so tonight's dinner menu is up for grabs, so to speak.  See you all in a few!

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