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Saturday, February 22, 2014


Captain Rufus Calhoun (Gail's Gr Gr Grandfather) and Captain Samuel Martin (my Great Grandfather) would probably rest easier seeing the skies that we have seen this past week. Both of these relatives of ours were sea captains with an abundance of stories relative to their careers.

Gail alerted me to the above skies that appeared last night, and the pictures tell the first part of the ol' wives tale of "red skies at night" that I grew up hearing from my Mother as probably many of us did.

"Sailors delight" is the second part of the tale, and you can take our word that so far today it is true -- the weather is bright sunshine, no clouds at all in the sky and the temperatures will reach close to 80 degrees.

Gail and I have visited each of the Captain's homes -- Rufus Calhoun's is in Port Townsend, Washington and is a modest home bearing a plaque commemorating the Captain. Samuel Martin's home -- with Lake Michigan in the distance is in Racine, Wisconsin. The house has seen better days and is subdivided into multiple living spaces.

My brother relates to me that he was told that Samuel Martin's wife, Elise, could see the sailing vessels on Lake Michigan and could recognize her husband's ship due to the patches in the sails (that she patched).

Both Captains led adventuresome lives and those experiences will be shared in future posts.

A Most Productive Week

In my view anyway . . . by that I mean I worked on genealogy "stuff" a great deal of the time. And I did get motivated to again concentrate on either filing or deleting the thousands of screenshots that I have accumulated over the last few years.

As I have mentioned before, my favorite activity doing research is in the "hunt" for details and documents and pictures relating to folks in the tree. When I find these items I take a screenshot and move on to the next opportunity. And it is like panning for gold -- when you find some nuggets you're sure there probably will be more right away. Consequently, in a given day I might have hundreds of screenshots that I have taken but not filed with the appropriate relative or place . . .

So this week I have so far dealt with a couple thousand of screenshots and taken care of them by filing them with the right family or possibly deleting duplicates or not-so-good items.

Gail during this time was doing her own organizing of things like the family inventory that she is working on.
And one of the highlights of her week was the telephone call that she had with a close friend  (Linda) whom she had not spoken to for maybe thirty years. She is still riding "high" after their reminiscing and has now included in her "things-to-do" a search for the pictures that she knows she has -- in one of the many memorabilia boxes that are in the garage . . . more to follow on that.

But there are dates for the tree folks:

The February trend is holding -- a lot of births but not so many marriages. A special birthday wish goes out to my brother's wife Nancy, for her birthday tomorrow.

Webinar Wednesday

This week the featured webinar from Legacy Family Trees was again excellent. The topic was about bonds, not James Bonds, but the many other legal-type bonds that our ancestors left evidence in for us to find and enjoy.

Judy Russell, who is an attorney and a genealogist knows her "stuff"  and presents it well. I learned a lot about bonds that I did not know before and the valuable things that can be found in them.

I get a ton of benefits from these webinars and the next four coming up (one was on Friday) are listed. They are free to attend and can be seen for several days -- eventually they can be purchased on DVDs if desired.

Sochi and the Olympics

We are enjoying the games and some games more than others . . . we watch every evening and thanks to having them recorded we can zoom through the parts that are not as interesting to us as others.

We have enjoyed the bobsleds this week and are amazed at the minute things that make the differences in the timing of the sleds -- the Jamaican team was fun to watch again this year.

This is the final week-end for the games and overall they have been a lot of fun -- and we will be glad to see the closing events coming on Sunday evening. In the meantime there are a few more events we will view.

We will be taking down our "Team USA" banner after the closing and will look forward to the Summer Games in two years. As of this date the U.S. has been right near the top of medal count.

Right Next Door -- The Middle Ages  Kiev

In the last several days when the news comes on about Kiev, Ukraine, with pictures it appears to me as something right out of the "middle ages" (about the time of the signing of the Magna Carta, 1215 . . .):

It even looks like it may have been a depiction of "The Crusades" in some movie -- sadly it is taking place very near the site of the Olympics -- hard to imagine. Hopefully the situation is coming to a halt soon.

Just as I Predicted . . .

Last week as Gail finished her work on the most challenging jigsaw puzzle ever -- I mentioned that the downside could mean that she would move on to "real life" puzzles like maybe the garage . . . it happened.

In order to make room for at least one car to park in the two-car garage, the Christmas "things" would have to be moved back into our storage shed -- but before that could happen -- certain items would have to be dealt with . . . namely our three or four sets of golf clubs . . .

It is not like we are going to play golf probably anytime soon and it is very much like the disposal of other sporting items e.g. my skis and my bowling ball and other associated sporting items.

Gail contacted the local school in our town that has a golf program and if they are interested we will donate the above equipment -- which includes almost four sets of clubs, three bags and a large number of gold balls and tees. We have mixed feelings about letting these go -- some were Gail's parents clubs and served them well. We played golf for a few years and loved it.

We (I) kept thinking that we'd take it up again soon . . . (we kept a couple of clubs each for the range)

And Lastly -- From our Tree Way Back . . .

One of the great things about my going through "all those screenshots" this week is that I have found not only a ton of details about folks in our tree, but also screenshots of things that just struck me as "meaningful".

One of those photos follows and I'm not sure how it fits other than it is something I found interesting:

Harmony is what it is all about . . .

That is a bit of our week. Burgers (Sliders) tonight. See you all in a few!

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