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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Doppler This -- March, Lion and/or Lamb

It seems that no matter what channel on TV that we watch the News/Weather -- Doppler weather radar is featured as a benefit -- and it is. We just needed some explanation as to the meaning of colors used and a few other details. In a way it is like when "Dolby Sound" started appearing everywhere as an enhancement, and it was.

Since this has been an eventful weather-week, the above screenshots illustrate some of what we have seen so far this week. Today is the first of March and depending on geographics it is entering either as a Lion or a Lamb, but mostly as a Lion.

The theory is that if March starts with being a Lion it will end up as a Lamb -- I thought that this saying came from my parents, but it is much older than that. There is little argument that certainly for a large part of the country March is starting out as a Lion.

In the last two days the above left shows the inches of rain that our part of Northern California has received. The Doppler part is top right, and it shows graphically where the most intense weather is happening -- and the bottom left shows the schematic to what is being illustrated. What will they have next . . .

Speaking of Next

Next week that is -- the birth and anniversary dates for folks from our tree. There were only two days of marriage dates while still seven days of births -- I am not sure what the significance of that is.

Clicking on the above you may be able to spot someone from your branch -- if not, try again next week.
Best wishes to all the above!

Cousin Checking

In the above list of dates and for the March 6th Anniversary date specifically, this is for a 2nd Cousin of mine (once removed -- meaning a one generation difference). I never knew of Beulah Lucile Hiles before working on this genealogy.

She was born in Wisconsin in 1913 (my parent's generation) and lived there until moving to the sate of Minnesota sometime in the 1950s. She was married twice and had several children (who of course are cousins as well). She died in 1995 in St Paul, Minnesota.

Above examine the trees showing her two husbands -- Victor Bell & Ray Dow. If you'd like to see more of her family I have updated the names and particulars on our Hiles website:

Webinar Wednesday

This week I am continuing to "go through" screen shots that I have accumulated over several years. I am trying to make sure that I "file" the screenshots with the appropriate families and dispose of material that does not need to be kept. I have gone through almost 4,000 screenshots in the last two weeks, and I have at least that many more to examine.

But I took a break for the webinar on Wednesday from Legacy Family Tree Webinars. This week it was all about searching for surnames and how to deal with some of the many variations in spelling for example.

The presenter was Kirsty Gray (very English) and presented many examples of differences in names and how to deal with that issue.

So-Long Sochi

Earlier in the week we said good-bye to the Winter Games in Sochi. Overall we enjoyed the games and gained a new and better understanding of the country Russia. 

We enjoyed the "closing ceremonies" and marvelled at the spectacular things we saw on the screen. We look forward to the "summer games" in Rio coming up in two years and then the "winter games" in four years in south Korea. 

A Bonus Webinar (Today, Saturday)

Less than an hour ago I finished watching the rare second Legacy Webinar in-a-week -- this one on the subject of "Genealogy & Technology". It was very professionally presented by Barbara Renick -- who I have heard before AND have attended one of her live presentations a couple of years ago here in Sonoma County.

Barbara has a lot of experience and is up-to-date with the use of the emerging technologies that are happening in the world of genealogy. She had a ton of good suggestions as to how best to take advantage of the fast changing tools and sites.

What is on Our Nightstand

We have finished the book written by Marilu Henner on Memory and while it was not the usual biographical piece that we usually read -- it was all about how to enhance our autobiographical memories. And it did include examples from her life illustrating her amazing memory powers.

But now we are on to our next read -- and it IS a biography -- this time about one of my mother's all-time favorite celebrities:

I always enjoyed watching movies that Clark Gable starred in -- though just not with the same intensity that my mother had. What I find interesting about Clark as we get started reading is that he grew up in Ohio. And a part of Ohio where the HILES have a lot of history as well. 

Clark's family had a history in coal mining as did the HILES. It will be interesting to read about his experiences as he grows up and as an adult -- the book is longer than our previous read so will be taking us a good few weeks to read -- hopefully just as enjoyable as what we have read so far.


As we look forward to what March brings in the way of weather we plan to enjoy whatever that may be and plan to just "hang in there"!

One of those looks just like Dino . . .

That is a bit of our week -- it looks like burgers tonight! See you all in a few!

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