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Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Best of the Season -- So Far

So,  it is the "Ides of March" today, so far "big deal", but it is really a beautiful day. And it has been beautiful most of the week. If we could pick our weather for the year, this would be it!

We did take advantage of the days to take a few walks in the neighborhood -- not far, but far enough to watch some of the almost daily baseball being played in the fields behind our house.

The sounds of the game enticed us to "check out the action" and we did. We managed to sit down to rest a bit and to watch the play. We always attract the attention of dog lovers. especially kids who want to come and to pet Dino -- which a few did.

We also got adult positive comments as well regarding "how attractive" Dino is and all. After a brief period we returned home to rest up before dinner . . .

Webinar Wednesday

Another great webinar this week -- one that was presented relative to the holiday this week -- St Patrick's Day on the 17th. I actually did not (yet) see all of the presentation as I had to keep an appointment -- but I will go back in and catch the rest . . .

The webinar was on "lesser known" Irish Resources and while we do not have a large amount of folks from our tree from Ireland, the process is relatable to other searches.

On the right above, you can see next week's webinar topic which will also be of value -- "The 50 Most Popular Genealogy Websites". The sites of course keep changing so this should be great.

Dates From Our Tree

Just two marriages for the folks in our tree, the rest are birthdates:

There is a variety of branches represented in the above -- click on and check 'em out.

The Main Focus this Week

For most of the last three weeks I have been going through the huge stockpile of screenshots that I have accumulated (8-10,000), and I have been able to sort and file a huge percentage of them. This week I continued working on that and what happens is that I do get side-tracked some of the time.

I have managed to put tidbits and documents that I have found in files with the pertinent families -- I still have a lot of "refining" to do, but I am making progress.

What that means is that I am reacquainting myself with a huge variety of facts and people. The following are a couple of examples of what I am dealing with.

The Bouldron Mystery Family

Gail's family is compact in that there are only a few people in the United States with that surname. I have posted about that in prior reports (you can do a search on Bouldron above).

This week I renewed my information that I found some time ago about some Bouldrons that we do not know. I have dubbed them the "Bouldron Mystery" family:

On the left above (click on the image to enlarge) is a list of the "known" Bouldron individuals that we have been working with -- there are only 32 total. There are no known male Bouldrons left in the U.S. so we know what that means.

In the middle is a screenshot from re the 1940 census and to the right of that is an enlarged view of the individuals on the actual census. Gail does not know who these Bouldrons are -- even though they are in King County, Washington where all of Gail's relatives are found.

And, of three Bouldron children listed in that census are two males -- we do not know what has become of these folks -- nor where they came from.

It looks like a "Lutrell" daughter has taken the name "Bouldron", most likely via marriage, and has three children with the last name of Bouldron. If any one can share some insight to this mystery, please help out.

Recognizing More Hiles Cousins

Another result of the "admin" work the last two weeks is that many cousins have been found and confirmed.
One such family is that of John Vinson Hiles. Being able to identify any "John" Hiles is great and in this case I am finding an abundance of information:

Above, you can see the relationship of John Vinson Hiles and wife Margaret Catherine Mosser, to me -- a second cousin 2 x removed. John & Margaret had at least nine children all who would be third cousins to me.

You just never know what will be found in those "back-area" files of the screenshots -- I find it exhilarating as I go through them.


In honor of St Patrick's Day we had the best corned beef dinner ever, a few nights ago. We do have more corned beef that we have stored in the freezer and might just fix that also.

With that we honor those Irish from our tree -- but tonight it is Saturday, and we are going to have burgers!

See you all -- in a few!

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