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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Flying By . . . Days, Weeks

Even though it is only the beginning of Summer here with the schools out and the almost endless days of warm sunny weather we have managed to pretty much stay inside enjoying the a/c. We do get out some and when we do we enjoy the scenery as we drive along the roads.
Often we drive the back-roads to take the leisurely route and this week was no exception. I try to remember to bring the camera for any photo opportunities that may present themselves:

The above were a couple of floral spots that caught our eye -- the California poppies are ever-present along some roadways. I am not sure what the pink flowers are but they certainly were prominent. We stopped the car and took the time to shoot the pics.

The Big Day

Growing up our birthdays seemed to be much more important -- we sometimes now low-key the day as per the wishes of the holder of the honor. This week was not an exception and we enjoyed a quiet celebration for Gail on Tuesday.

The day started with our usual breakfast and tea and coffee followed by the ceremonial opening of gifts -- with the close attention of Dino of course:

Above you can see Gail attending to the task at hand with Dino so anxious to get his nose into every package -- he gets so excited. There were a few other gifts during the day and numerous telephone greetings throughout. But the goal of having a "quiet" event was achieved.

Other Dates for Next Week

As the year progresses into summer it seems like so many more birthdays and anniversaries than in the winter months. It is not something that I really paid that much attention to before:

Next week covers the end of June and the beginning of July. Since I don't always know the exact date for a birthday but know the month is June, I have lumped these dates in as well. The same holds true for anniversaries.

Checking out the above there are many closely related folks celebrating next week. Our best wishes are extended to all of them.

A View into an Event from 143 Years Ago

On the HILES side of the tree, we do not know from where across the pond that we came . . . but for Gail's side we are fortunate to know that the Bouldrons came from England.

Gail's Great Grandfather is Thomas James Bouldron, born in England in 1849 and came to America we believe in 1869. His older brother is William Bouldron, born in England in 1843 and we see that he came to America in 1871:

And it so nice that we have documentation of that trip in 1871. William and his wife Ann (Foster) and it appears his mother Mary boarded the steamer ship "City of Antwerp" and came into port in New York on July 31 of that year.

All of the above was found in along with the pictures and proof. Seeing the picture of that vessel brings up all sorts of experiences that must have happened in their journey.

I believe that there were only 10 or so cabins, the rest of the ship was devoted to common areas known as steerage, and that is where most of the listed passengers were.

As is often the case, families followed one another over and in this case William followed Thomas and made his way to Iowa to link up with the other Bouldrons. Both brothers eventually made their way to Washington State, Thomas to Kent and William to Orting.

There is something magical in seeing the names of your relatives listed on a ship manifest AND it is really special to have photos of those relatives that made their way to the U.S. just after the Cival War.

From the Photo Bin

I am still going through the many pictures that I have received from my brother mostly having to do with the family of our mother as a child visiting her relatives in Spirit Lake, Iowa and in Marinette, Wisconsin.

My mother was of course close to her father, Dayton Bumgardner as can be seen in the following photo:

I love pictures of the family and I especially love photos that include an automobile -- as in the above. The picture shows Dayton, dressed very smartly, spats, driving hat and all with my mother, Ruth giving him a hug.

I wish I knew where and when this photo was taken but it appears to be sometime around 1918. I am not sure of the car make -- but maybe a Ford. And I wonder who took the picture and what was the occasion.

I have a lot more photos to "go through" and so many of them have unidentifiable relatives in them . . .

Sports This Week

Televised sporting events helped us keep our week on course. We watched World Cup Soccer, Major League Baseball, Wimbledon Tennis, PGA Golf AND American Ninja Warrior.

Each sport holds a certain fascination and we have appreciated more and more the soccer games -- especially the ones involving the USA. And there are more to come this next week. We are watching the Brazil/Chile game as I write this and have it "on-hold" while I finish up.

We have enjoyed the San Francisco Giants games -- even though they are on a losing streak. The no-hitter by Tim Linceum over the San Diego Padres was so fun to see.

Wimbledon and Golf are unique as well, but one of the most interesting sporting events for us has been watching individuals compete on American Ninja Warrior. It is truly amazing to watch this cross section of athletes perform by conquering various stages of challenging obstacles. It is on Monday nights and we love watching that each week.

And so, that was a bit of our week -- it is Saturday night and that means -- burgers & fries tonight! See you all "in a few"!

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