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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Week's End Celebration

The week was filled with activities and of course culminated with traditional 4th of July festivities. We used to have large group celebrations including large numbers of friends & family -- this week, not so much:

This is our "new old flag" now flying during this holiday time. It is fun to see the neighborhood dotted with flags on this week-end. Our town was filled with visitors for the variety of events celebrating the birth of the nation -- and it was the 200th anniversary of "The Star Spangled Banner".

This week besides the Fourth Celebrations, we enjoyed watching several of the World Cup soccer games -- though it was not to be in the cards for the U.S. team. We will continue to watch even though the U.S. is out of contention.

Our "rockin' Fourth as we made a rare appearance outside in the heat. Gail & Dino take in the beautiful floral display and peer at folks driving and walking by . . .

Since we have Dino, we don't make the several block trek to see live fireworks though Dino hasn't been noticeably bothered by the noise. Our town does put on a big show -- this year it seemed to go on for more than an hour.

We did though watch "A Capitol Fourth" on TV at the same time as the live show was rumbling outside. The TV show was very entertaining with many patriotic numbers and displays.

Almost a hundred years ago:

My mother, Ruth Bumgardner (on the right) probably on the Fourth of July and probably around 1918 when she would be about 6 years old along with an unidentified companion being patriotic. This was another one of those pictures with no writing on the back . . .

Dates for Next Week

Seemingly a little fewer than last week's . . .

but still quite a few familiar names . . .

The Search Continues

Each week, as I have mentioned before, I sometimes am not sure of where in the tree that I will wind up . . .

Last year in an August post I detailed a little about some of our GOSS relatives and expressing that I really had never met a "Goss".

That still is the case, though I did email back and forth with a Goss cousin this week. I can thank for making the connection. We were confirming some of the sources and information that we both had accumulated.

So many of our connections are made through the "GILLETT" family branch, and this time it is also the case as Mahitable Gillett married Henry F Goss in Viroqua, Wisconsin on the 27th of April 1858.

And last year I detailed one of the seven kids that Mahitable had -- Mary Helen Goss -- and her marriage and family. I had mentioned that I would like to find out more about Mary's siblings. This week I have a bit more information.

Henry Phineas Goss and his wife Mabel (Schwartz) Goss. Henry was born in 1878 in Wisconsin and married Mabel in 1906 in Oregon. One of their children was Robert Henry Goss born 1911 in Oregon.

Henry lived til 1970 and died in Kennewick, Washington while Mabel lived til 1974 and died in Oregon.
Their son Robert married Robbie Gaddis and they had two children (probably living today).

I had no idea that I had cousins living in the States of Washington and Oregon and it was nice to "see" pictures of some of them and to get to know a little more about the GOSS family.

More can be seen at:


Next week I just might respond to an email that will take me in other directions in the family tree. But I found the following among the many pictures of my mother's collection:

The above is one branch of my tree -- in this case my mother (about 4 or 5 years old) is standing in the fork of the tree with her father, Dayton Bumgardner braced in the tree at the top and sadly an unidentified probable family member in the middle . . .

That was a glimpse of our week. Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend, tonight being Saturday it means burgers and fries . . .

See you all in a few . . .

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