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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Some Summertime . . .

Everyday this week the weather has started out with a dreariness that eventually cleared up into mostly muggy type warm weather. We were fooled a couple of times thinking that we did not need the a/c -- but we relented one time almost too late to make a difference.

Out front summer shows up beautifully. We elected to fly the 13 star version of the flag throughout the week. Growing up I remember my father flew the flag mostly on certain holidays. The flag I remember was reportedly one that had flown on one of the ships that Samuel Martin (my Great Grandfather) captained on Lake Michigan.

Above besides the flag are our second batch of white roses across the garage opening and the white Oleanders alongside the walkway and across the street the rosy red full bloomed Crepe Myrtle . . .

Next Week -- Dates to Remember

There are several birthdays coming up next week -- some even recognizable . . .

And nine couples celebrating togetherness . . .

Found on our Nightstand this Week

We finished the book written by Thomas Bloch and enjoyed it thoroughly. "Stand for the Best" recall was written after Thomas made the decision to step out of being the CEO of H&R Block to become an inner city math teacher.

His experiences and success was really quite something. Gail could relate to some of his teaching experiences that he shared as she spent 30 + years in education AND she spent 30 + years at H&R Block.

Before you do the math, many of those years coincided but they were the reason that made the book so interesting -- and I spent over ten years at H&R Block as well . . .

So the other night we began reading a new book --

All about the city of Chicago -- it is a bit heavier than the usual biographies that we read so we may change to a biography with me finishing this one up, we'll see . . . it is very interesting to me so far, but for Gail it is a sleep-aid of sorts . . .

A Look at One Ancestor

My Gr Gr Gr Gr Grandfather John Hiles (Sr) had we think four children. Besides John Jr he also had a son, Christopher (like me). And that Christopher also had a son named Christopher (Jr).

It is the son of Christopher Jr that (thanks to a cousin) I was alerted to how it came to be that his life was ended.
Often we find an approximate death date without any information about the details. And more often than not we don't find any more information for some of these folks.

James Hiles, a 2nd Cousin 3x removed of mine was employed by "Columbus, Hocking Valley and Toledo Road" a railroad in Ohio back in the 1880s.

The following transcript of the newspaper account from the "Indianapolis Indiana State Sentinel" dated  May 3, 1882 gives the unfortunate information regarding James Hiles:

I am sure that there is a lot more to the story than shared here and maybe I'll be able to find more information. It is interesting to note that 1882 is the year that my maternal Grandfather, Dayton Bumgardner was born and in 1883 my paternal Grandfather Lloyd Hampton Hiles was born . . .

How We'll Wrap up the Week

We have watched a lot of sporting events this summer and that has been very enjoyable. We record all the events and then can zoom through commercials and some of the less enjoyable things.

We never in our wildest imagination thought we would get "caught up" in watching soccer -- but we have.

So tomorrow we will be watching -- along with a few other folks -- the final game of this huge event. We were glad that we got to see the blowout game the other day when Germany trounced Brazil.

We were pulling for the Netherlands to make it to the final, but Argentina won out in the "penalty shootout".

So who to root for -- Germany or Argentina -- we just hope that the game is as interesting to watch as the Brazil game was i.e. with scoring which makes it exciting as viewers.

As someone recently pointed out when the teams are both predominantly defensive that usually means there will not be any blowouts like the 1-0 scores that we see . . .

And Lastly,  Coming Back Soon

One of my favorite genealogy based shows returns in a couple of weeks:

Wednesday evening, July 23 to be exact on TLC. I look forward to each episode as the stars reveal their ancestors stories . . .

That was bit of our week -- it's Saturday and time for burger and fries -- See you all in a few!

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