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Saturday, July 26, 2014

12 HRS ON, 12 HRS OFF -- A/C That Is

We could leave the a/c on 24 hours, but we do like some fresh air . . . this week -- or at least the last couple of days and the next couple of days the temperature is at or will be at the century mark. We have two or three fans running to circulate the air conditioned air and sometimes we even put on a long sleeved shirt . . .

Even Dino keeps changing locations to find the coolest spot. We seem though,  to be able to remain comfortable and keep our regular routines -- that is, breakfast, lunch, dinner and individual projects in between such as needle-pointing AND genealogy.

We have watched all of the Giants baseball games -- some not in their entirety -- but many of them. I think this year that I have seen more baseball games than any other year. I used to wait until the play offs and then watch.

We are also geared up to watch some football, which is going to start in a couple of weeks . . .

Sunday Breakfast

During most of the week we enjoy cereal for breakfast and usually the same kind until I can not stand that kind and we switch to a different one. And we usually have two kinds of fruit on the cereal, bananas and some form of berry.

But on Sunday mornings we try to "mix it up" a bit by having either dollar size pancakes, waffles or in the case of last Sunday:

This was good, except I let the eggs cook a tiny bit too long as I really like a more-runny yoke. The dark blob on my plate is really a bit of leftover mashed potatoes fried with a nice crisp . . . and we always have a couple of rashers of bacon . . .

Dates from our Tree

This is the last week of July so there are some miscellaneous birth and anniversaries to note coming in the next week:

Among the birthdays next week is one for our cousin Bruce Hiles, living in New Jersey -- so best wishes to him -- notice that he shares that date with my Dad's sister, Muriel.

On Television This Week

One of my favorite shows to watch premiered this week -- "Who Do You Think You Are". The show has been on now for a few years and I have seen every episode and enjoyed them very much.

This week, Cynthia Nixon was featured and when the details unfolded, the story was amazing. She was shocked to find out the details of the life of her Gr Gr Gr Grandmother, as were the rest of us.

There are so many "stories" out there about our relatives just waiting to be uncovered and then told. The show points out that not everything can be found online and that you have to be able to travel to different locations and repositories to search.

I look forward to the upcoming episodes with great anticipation and maybe some secrets into how I can uncover more of these amazing events from our tree.

The show is Wednesday nights on TLC.

My Own Search this Week

While not nearly as exciting as the above story, never-the-less, satisfying though. I spent a lot of time accumulating different "bits" of information like "City Directory Posts" for various relatives e.g. and "marriage documents" for others.

Above is an example of what I found this week for a 1st Cousin (3x removed) -- George Hiles. George is the son of Jackson & Elizabeth Hiles and basically that was about all I knew of George.

I found some marriage records for George and for the two wives that he married -- ten years apart. In 1895 he married Joanna Maxwell and apparently divorced some time later. Then in 1905 he married again this time to Lillie May Butler.

I do not know many of the details of those marriages but will be looking. I see -- from the censuses that George was a barber in his own shop.  I know of at least one other barber from the tree -- Willis Palmer, the husband of my Great Aunt Carrie Martin.

Lastly -- An Opportunity to Shop & Travel

In the news this week I spotted an ad for a "Yard Sale". What made the ad unique was that the coordinator of the event -- Linda Hiles -- listed an "888" number to call for details -- which I have not done, but maybe one of you would like to . . .

Since I do not think we can make it to Arkansas on the dates in question it will be interesting to see how the event does -- they have been doing this for several years -- so it must be doing well.

I don't know if Linda Hiles and her husband Frank are relatives of ours -- but they could be . . .

So that is a bit of our week. It is Saturday and that means burgers tonight! See you all in a few!


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