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Saturday, July 19, 2014


This week was as varied as the weather. Most days started with a dreary overcast that flavored the whole day and at times matched our mood . . . and that can be good i.e. to have synchronization all around.

Actually even though we only went out to do some shopping (Costco & a few other stores) we experienced a variety of events televised and other.

We purchased a new flag (& pole) hopefully one that will resist the ravages of the relentless summer sun. There was a "super moon" over the past weekend which I managed to take some photos of, but I am using ones that I shot off the TV screen above right.

For a couple of nights we had great stir-fry and then even a third night of chow mein, all home made. And we managed to celebrate the final teenage birthday with Olivia.

We also enjoyed the Baseball All Star game on Tuesday with Derek Jeter in his final All Star game as he retires later this year after twenty years. But we have to say we got caught up in some of the frenzy about World Cup Soccer and that final game:

We watched the game and the well-over 100 minutes of a "no-score" until in the last few minutes of overtime Germany popped in a goal. It was exciting to see. And for the losing teams -- there is always four years to rethink strategies . . .

Next Week Dates for Tree People

Birthdays still abound but only one marriage anniversary next week . . .

Maybe the last week of July will produce additional anniversaries.

The Ongoing Search in the Trees

I did manage to spend a considerable amount of time detailing some of the branches in the many personal and online trees that I maintain.

I thought I'd share a peek at one of the branches that I fleshed out a bit. I went to the alphabetically last HILES that I have in the tree and worked on trying to bring some clarity to who that person was and how that person has brought heretofore unknown surnames into our branch.

So I looked at Zola Belle Hiles. I had never really heard much about Zola before doing some investigation.
And little wonder -- she is "far out there" so-to-speak. To me she is a "2nd Half-Cousin 2 x Removed".

As you can see in the above chart, we are both descended from John Hiles Jr -- me from his marriage to Charity Reed and she from his marriage to Nancy Crosby, that is why the "half" cousin relationship.

And because there are two generations separating us, that is why we are 2 x removed. And Zola's father, David is my "Half 1st Cousin" that is why Zola and I are "Half 2nd Cousins" . . . clear as . . .

But the fascinating thing is that Zola married Grover Cleveland Dunkle and that has produced a long line of Dunkles in our tree. And one of the females from the Dunkle family married someone from the Wisecarver family and now there is a long line of the Wisecarver line in out tree -- but that is another story.

So that is part of how my searching went this week.

Back to the Nightstand . . .

Recall that we were reading "The Third Coast" each night after finishing up "Stand for the Best". We did that until part of us could not stay awake for the reading . . . so we have placed another book on the nightstand and I will read "The Third Coast" on my own.

We found a mutually acceptable book and have started reading that one:

We enjoyed watching the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno for several years and hated to see him leave. This book brings to light some of the behind the scenes events surrounding those years.

We are both enjoying this book a lot and we have learned a bit of what makes up Jay's world. We miss him doing the "Tonight Show" and even though we record the "Tonight Show" with his replacement we have not gotten "into it" -- maybe in time.

Lastly, What's Next?

There are a lot of things coming in the next few weeks and months to pique our interest -- one of those as I mentioned last post is the return of the TV show "Who Do You Think You Are" next week.

AND, we look forward to the resumption of NFL games and specifically the Forty-Niners. The pre-season games begin in a couple of weeks.

This week on Thursday was the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Niner's new stadium -- Levi's Stadium -- in Santa Clara. A whole new era starts:

Above you can see the Niner's schedule and a glimpse of the new digs. We will be watching that first game with interest and knowing that Super Bowl 50 is scheduled to take place in the new stadium.

It is unlikely that we will ever attend a game in person there -- we actually prefer seeing sporting events from the comfort of our family room where we have the ability to watch or not, as the case may be . . .

That is a bit of our week -- tonight being Saturday, burgers may be in our future . . . see you all in a few!

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