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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Burgers -- Baseball -- Apple (Sauce)

It is that time of the year when the apple trees in our yard keep dropping tons of apples. Since most of these are damaged and heavily pecked by the birds, if we wanted to make applepie applesauce we then pick the amount we need and begin processing.

Gail is peeling, cutting and getting the apples ready for slowly cooking to make the sauce. Dino is watching patiently in the event anything were to hit the ground -- but he would not like the apples anyway . . .

Dates From the Tree for Next Week:

Again a fair amount of birthdays next week and for some recognizable folks . . .

Gail and I celebrate an anniversary next week as do seven other couples.

Best wishes to all!

More Back to School

Last week our local public schools started their "fall" classes. I wandered around some data bases and in and found a couple of school related items:

My mother always said that "High School" was a very pleasant experience for her. She was raised in Chicago and graduated from Lake View High in 1929:

I always find it interesting to read these old yearbooks and even though I do not have the yearbook above, did. And the above shows my mother's senior picture and one other of her in the "home economics" club.

So there are three references to Ruth Bumgardner in the book including a "Verse or Worse" relating to certain folks, my mother being one.

The caption on her senior photo mentions "Moser Business College" which did not happen as she enrolled in Nurses Training instead.

When graduation came that year the U.S. economy was still very much in a boom -- but by the fall the Wall Street crash happened and the class of '29 was the first to experience the beginning of the "Great Depression".

My mother's younger brother (by 14 years) is Stewart Bumgardner and I happened across him in a year book from the University of Illinois in 1948:

Pictured with his fraternity -- Delta Chi -- he is in the top row, farthest right.  By this time, 1948, the depression was over as was WWII (which Stewart served in) and the boom years were starting again.

Stew was always a favorite Uncle and was considered to be very studious. He was someone that the kids in our family looked-up-to.

I managed to find a few other of our folks in various yearbooks -- thank you -- and from time to time I will refer to them.

Some Cousins in Indiana

So many of our cousins come from Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Virginia and several other states but only a few have shown up in Indiana.

Above is the obituary for George William Hiles, who is my 4th cousin once removed ( a generation apart).

George seems to have led a very interesting & rewarding life including raising 5 children, playing the drums in various bands and enjoying car and motorcycle racing.

Here is how he is related:

George comes down the line from Christopher Hiles (brother to our 3rd Gr Grandfather John Jr). I do not know the reason that they wound up in Indiana, but it looks as though George's Grandfather, David Martin Hiles was the first to live (and die) in Indiana.

To see a slice of  George's tree (data from the obituary):

There are lot more things to learn about the cousins in Indiana and over time we'll probably uncover facts and maybe even meet and communicate with some of them -- I hope to.

WDYTYA -- This Week

I have been relating a bit about the weekly shows from Who Do You Think You Are. This week I felt was a particularly strong show -- featuring Kelsey Grammer. It was truly amazing to see and relate to his astonishment as some of the details of his family were revealed to him.

I am not sure who will be featured next week, but I know that I'll be watching. As a matter of fact I believe all the episodes can be viewed in a variety of places as well as rerun on TLC -- check it out.

That was a bit of our week -- it is Saturday and it will be burgers tonight!  See you all in a few!

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