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Saturday, August 16, 2014

School . . . Bleak Week For Some

Unbelievably, school started in the public schools here in Healdsburg on Thursday, August 14. We know that means a lot of things to different folks. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago we never went back to school until just after labor day.

There are a lot of kids in town that have not gone back to school as yet because they go to private schools, lucky them.

Since our backyard backs up to an elementary school playfield, the sounds of recess have begun to waft across the fence and brings several emotions to the former school-teacher (Gail) who lives here, plus she has great fondness for her days at the University of Puget Sound . . .

Dates Next Week

Many familiar names are on the list for next week:

Best wishes to them all!

Bought on eba Recently

I like to check eba for items relating to our family. Several years back I managed to outbid someone for the "HILES ICE CREAM" sign which now hangs outside on our pool house wall along with several other family items.   Joining them soon will be my latest find:

The red sign to the left came from the HILES FIRE DEPARTMENT in of course Hiles, Wisconsin. I am happy to be able to put it up with the other memorabilia "out back".

I actually have been to Hiles, Wisconsin -- several years ago, and while I have yet to tie us to the founders of the town (there are actually two HILES, Wisconsins) I feel a close identity. How many Hiles branches  can there be anyway . . .


This week's program featured Valerie Bertinelli. Her story was very interesting in that she was able to learn quite a bit about both her father's line and her mother's line. Her father's line is Italian and her mother's line is English -- but SOME English!

It turns out that her mother's line links directly (through the Claypooles) to King Edward 1st . . . very impressive. And how nice it would be to find something like that out . . .

Next week -- Kelsey Grammer will be featured. I look forward to seeing his story.

So What is on Our Nightstand (and our iPad . . .)

We finished reading the book "Behind the Curtain" all about Jay Leno and the Tonight Show. We found the book to be excellent and we enjoyed reading it together.

So, what is next?

Since one of our favorite TV shows is "Dancing With the Stars" it was a natural to select the above book written by one of the stars of that show. Even though he is still a young man he has a lot to share about his "take" on life and we are enjoying his book.

While the above is a book we are reading together, I have a couple that I have on my iPad that I am reading whenever I grab the time:

Having lived through the "Watergate" period I purchased the Audible version of "The Nixon Defense" by John W Dean. When I take the time the book is read to me and I can stop and start whenever I want to and the book is bookmarked for me to pick up later . . .

Then, on my Kindle app on the iPad, I have the book "David and Goliath" by Gladwell and this book I do the reading one page at a time. I also can start and stop whenever I want to and can enlarge the print or look up words etc.

The iPad using Audible and/or Kindle is really nice. While physical books are great, the ability to carry several with you on an iPad is a bonus. I have many books on the iPad and so I can pick and choose which one I would like to read or be read to . . .

Lastly, an update on found-stuff

I did manage to find tons of little clues here and there across a wide spectrum of the family tree. While browsing through an issue of "The Spirit Lake Beacon" -- Spirit Lake, Iowa (on I spotted this ad:

Since our family never really talked about many of the Iowa relatives, I never knew about "BOYD'S , THE MEN'S SHOP" until now.

A couple of posts ago I had published the information about Penn Blair and his unfortunate story and this shop was owned by his father Boyd Blair, a first cousin of mine.

That is a bit of our week. It is Saturday, burgers tonight!  See you all in a few!

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