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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Back Into the 90s . . .

That decade was pretty exciting for us . . . we both were still working at our career jobs, we got married, we moved from San Francisco, and we retired and began life in Healdsburg. Our families were off and running in their directions and we worried about things like "Y2K" . . .

Actually I was referring to the 90s as in the weather . . . it has been in the high 90s most of the week and the a/c has been running all that time. The mornings have been starting out as if it would be an overcast and/or rainy day and then -- boom -- the hottness hits and stays around late into the evening.

But back to "Y2K" . . . it was predicted that all the world's computers would cease to function after 31 Dec 1999 due to the new century dating and all -- well, we all know that that did not happen. Only some of the computers ceased to work -- fortunately ours were among the ones continuing to run.

We actually did venture out a couple of times during the week -- mostly to run to Costco or Trader Joe's or to Safeway all for needed supplies and medications . . .

Dates Next Week

There are many September birthdays next week and among them James Norris Gillett who was born 154 years ago on September 20, 1860. A little more about Governor Gillett later in the post, but it is fascinating to me that he was born in Viroqua, Wisconsin where we have relatives still living. He then made his way to Eureka, California where we also have relatives living -- small world . . .

And we have nine couples celebrating anniversaries next week -- best wishes to all!

More Back 2 School

I sure do love and their collection of yearbooks and I found another relative among those pictured:

Fay Adele is a 1st cousin of mine and I always had good feelings about her. Above you can see her pictured in Wheaton College's yearbook in 1944.

Wheaton, Illinois was not that far from where we lived in LaGrange, Illinois at the time,  I believe that I only saw Fay Adele a few times in my life -- but she did attend my first wedding in Glendale, California as she was a school teacher in nearby South Pasadena, California.

The Search this Week

Mostly I found myself working on fleshing out some of the details surrounding the life and family members of James Norris Gillett.

In looking at the information that I had accumulated over the years about the Governor I realized that I was missing various details -- e.g. the date that he and his first wife, Adelaide Pratt got married. I did not readily see anyone with a tree showing that date.

After searching through, eventually I found the information -- James Norris Gillett and Adelaide Pratt were married in Alameda County, California on Christmas Eve 1886. She was 23 years of age and he was 26.

It is always a "high" when I find a document proving a life event and this case is no exception. On the bottom entry above is the proof of the marriage.

The unfortunate facts are that Adelaide only lived til the age of 33 as she died in 1896. She and James had three children at that time, two daughters and a son. James would marry again later and have another son, James Jr.

I found other items for many of the James Norris Gillett branch which I'll share in later posts.

Lastly this Week

Thank goodness for the NFL. It has provided us with many hours of enjoyment this last week. We watched several games -- and some I actually can recall the scores . . .

I know we actually watched five games last week but I can not recall the fifth game at the moment.
We also watched two Thursday Night games as well as Monday Night Football . . .

We look forward to watching da' Bears and the Niners tomorrow and we'll peek at the Raider's game too and see how their new quarterback is doing after losing the first game . . .

So, that was a bit of our week -- it is Saturday Night so it is burgers Salmon (poached) tonight . . .

See you all in a few!

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