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Saturday, September 6, 2014

RUB - A - DUB - DUB (All 3 in the Tree)

The butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker, all three are found in our family tree. We'll identify  each in future posts -- but I know some of them . . .

It felt like November this morning when I went outside with Dino. The late nights and early mornings have definitely cooled.

The activity at the school by us has certainly made us aware of the schedule and the voices at recess bring us to another period of time and is pleasant.

Next Week Dates

Several birth-dates to celebrate in the coming week as well as a few September weddings:

Best wishes to all!

Speaking of Dayts

Growing up it was a treat for us kids to visit with our Grandparents in Chicago AND every once in a while we would be treated to a ride in their auto and often it was for the purpose of taking us to the store for clothes.

My Grandfather Dayton Bumgardner kept his car in their garage behind their house. Most of the time when visiting we would go with my Grandmother, Mamie, to shop for groceries and for that kind of shopping we always walked pulling a cart to carry purchases in.

We would go to an individual meat market, an individual bakery, an individual produce stand and an individual grocery store -- not at all like the super stores of today. But my Grandparents usually knew all these folks and the trips were mostly pleasant.

But for the times that we visited and did other shopping -- Dayton would get the Pontiac out:

That is Dayton in his finest and that is his (I think) 1937 Pontiac Deluxe touring sedan. Actually the picture of the car is one that I took after my brother pointed out to me that someone had a car just like our Grandfather's close by in town.

I hustled over and took some photos and while the car is being restored I have started to restore some of the pictures. The car needs a lot of body work but all in all it looks like Dayton's car and has brought back some very nice memories. Who knows, maybe it IS Dayton's old Pontiac . . .

The Status of the Searching

I did a lot of searching this week and a lot of it wound up related to the Gillett family. I have taken to working the "hints" in and have been having a lot of luck filling in and documenting tons of folks.

What happens is that when I find a relative and work the "shaky leaves" I find more and more relatives and details.

Above are just some of the Gillet cousins that I updated this week. The interesting thing about their name is that so many of the records report an "e" on the end when there shouldn't be one. And I have to think that after a while families just let the "e" stay.

Also the above four cousins had pictures associated with the information that I found -- either for a school photo or possibly an obituary photo. I love being able to see the folks that we are related to which makes the connection that much better.

My process is usually to work the tree then put the info into Family Tree Maker and finally into  Hiles & Related Families Genealogy Pages. Sometimes as well I put some into GENI.

I look forward to starting the day doing the above and working at various times during the day finding "just one more" relative.

Housing Projects

We have been somewhat lax in doing any major improvements the last several months. Earlier we did so many that we took a break for a bit.

But now more out of necessity than anything else we are going to replace all of the fences around the home. And five of our neighbors also have gotten together and we have agreed on style and height and we have a company putting together an estimate for each of us five homeowners.

It is so nice that our neighbors all agree and want to move forward with replacing these original fences -- all the homes were built about the same time and all of the fences are the originals and all are in risk of total collapse.

Hopefully in the next few weeks we will be looking at a fence like the above. They are higher than our present fence and needed agreement from all the families involved -- which everyone did.

Lastly This Week

We were so happy to see the football season begin on Thursday night this week -- and the game was a thriller -- probably not for the Green Bay Packers though.

Once Seattle took the lead they kept it and won a very convincing game. The Packers are having to reexamine some of their playing . . .

We are hoping that the Forty-Niners do as well as the Seahawks when they play the Dallas Cowboys tomorrow -- we'll see.

After I finish writing this I'll check out the USC / Stanford game which we have recorded and is usually fun to see,

So, that is a bit of our week -- it is Saturday and that means burgers Salmon Steaks.

See you all in a few!

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