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Saturday, November 8, 2014


We adjusted just fine to the first week going back to "standard" time. Part of the reason is that the weather these past several days has been probably the finest of the year -- clear, crisp not too hot, not too cold. AND the full moon added so much this week.

A collage of some photos "outback" depicts the climate. The full moon hung high in the sky early in the morning at sunrise.  Later in the morning Dino sunned himself by the pool and Gail thought she was hidden by the turning leaves . . . and the Meyer lemons began turning their bright color.

The only real adjustment was getting Dino to wait that extra hour for dinner . . . but as usual he has adjusted as well. We hear that next week there could be some rain . . . and that is a good thing.

We are out of interesting sporting events for the time-being. Football for us in the Bay Area is just not up to the last couple of years and of course across the bay, well that is a story in itself.

Dates from Our Tree

This week of course several birthdays being celebrated and also a few wedding anniversaries:

I've starred some of the closer related to me ones, but best wishes to all!

A Newly Found Cousin

And yet again this week finds me in the "Gillett" branches as I search for relatives.

There are so many Gillett families that it may keep
me busy for a long long time.

This week Keith Curtis Gillett "jumped" out at me for some reason and while I did not find his photo, I did find a photo of his wife, Betty Jane Quigley.

To the left you can see how Keith & Betty are related to me -- 3rd cousins.

Keith comes from a line of Gilletts that are from Minnesota. But Keith & Betty wound up in Texas.

Keith joined the military in 1941 at the beginning of WWII.

Keith rose to be a Major in the U.S. Army. Both he and Betty are buried at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, Keith in 1977 and Betty in 2009.

To the right are just some of the new photos that I have added to the HILES website at

All are Gillett related and can be checked out at the site.

What I find so fortunate is that so many folks are now more than ever willing to share their photos -- and again I know that someone out there has some of the missing HILES family members that I seek.

One of the frustrating aspects of the Gillett search is that even on one genealogical record the name may be spelled differently throughout.

I simply have to ignore all the (e's) that are added to a Gillett that I know started without one. Apparently some individuals have allowed their Gillett names to have the "e" added and do not make the effort to correct it.

I have seen many Gillett families with their children listed with an "e" and then
again without the "e". It does get confusing at times.

Now -- GILLETT (no E) , Wisconsin

We have talked about the two HILES Wisconsin towns in earlier posts so it is about time to mention GILLETT (no E) Wisconsin.

Above you can see some tidbits about the town -- and just like the two HILES, Wisconsin towns, I have not (yet) drawn the relationship from them to our branch.

Rodney Stephen Gillett apparently founded the town of GILLETT (no E), Wisconsin back in the times when Wisconsin was barely a state and when the area was mostly populated by Indians.

I do not believe that I have ever been in the town, but if I get back to Wisconsin I would like to visit it. It is about 37 miles NE of Green Bay and has a population of around 2000 folks.

Above are a few facts and pics of the town gotten from Wikipedia and other sites on the web. You can click on the collage for better details.

And Lastly -- What's On Our Nightstand

Well, we finally finished the around 700 page, very detailed book about John (Duke) Wayne much to the relief of Gail and we have started the much shorter, lighter and actually more entertaining stories presented by Carol Burnett.

The book is filled with short stories of Carol's experiences in her TV life.
Since her show was one that we always watched and remember, the book is quite refreshing.

And as usual we are learning bits and pieces of the lives of many other celebrities throughout the pages. It won't take us long to finish this book, so we tend to stop short (so-to-speak) so as to not finish it too fast . . .

That is a bit of our week -- it is Saturday and it may mean burgers . . . see you all in a few!

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