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Saturday, November 1, 2014

What a Week . . .

Of course we were on "pins & needles" after the Giant's game on Tuesday, but it makes for a very satisfying finish if you are a Giants fan . . . on Wednesday, the 7th and final game:

The above shows the outcome but does not tell the whole story. The Royals were one itsy bitsy swing of the bat away from a "walk-off" win. There was a man on third base in the last of the Royals 9th inning just waiting to come  home. Of course that did not happen.

San Francisco celebrated big-time from Wednesday til now, as well they (we) should . . .

Of course the other big event this week was Halloween and in sympathy with teachers everywhere it fell on a Friday:

We saw the weather forecast early in the day calling for rain throughout various times of the day including the evening hours -- only part of that happened. It rained early in the day and was crystal clear the rest of the day AND evening.

Gail was worried that we would run out of goodies, but I knew we had back-up if it came to that. Last year we only had a few visitors and I didn't see how that would change much.

The merchants in town now offer a much safer and easier way for the goblins to gather goodies. So from 6:00 p.m. til 8:00 p.m. we had exactly 34 actual trick or treaters -- so we could be a little bit liberal when handing out the sweet stuff.

And we have learned that another part of town is where the action winds up due to the closeness of the houses both to each other and to the street -- developers should keep that in mind.

From the Tree

It always amazes me to see how many celebrations that we have among our tree dwellers:

Lots of birthdays but a lot of wedding anniversaries as well for next week. Best wishes to all!

While Noodling Around in the Tree

I like looking for pictures of folks from our tree. This week while seeking some pictures I stumbled across a photo that someone put in their tree for a person that I knew we were related to, but I did not know any of the details of her life.

The picture was all wrinkled and bent and torn -- and so it jumped right out as a challenge to see if I could clean it up a bit and offer it back for all of us.

After about an hour of working on the photo, using Picasa, I came up with what I felt was a good presentable picture of a very cute little girl.  The picture on the left I'm sure was the only toddler picture probably available.

I hoped that her closer relatives would approve which lead me to delve into her story more so that I would know how she was related to me.

It turns out that the "Gillett Family" again came into the picture. Clicking on the chart on the left you can see the path down the Gillett side and the Hiles side.

At the bottom you can see that Georgia Clock is actually a 3rd Cousin -- same generation too.

It should be noted that I have Georgia's line all with pictures and on my line I do not have a picture for Emily Adeline Gillett or her husband
John Hiles, my Great Grandfather.

I kept searching for more facts about Georgia and I ran across several sites/trees that contained her story -- I found it unbelievably sad and needed to be shared with as many of us relatives as possible.

One of the trees that I came across was actually from her daughter Kim. Georgia and her husband actually had seven children. Following is a piece of what Kim wrote about in her tree:

Click on the above to read what she has to share about her Mother and her experience of their last contact.

In summary, our Cousins have gone through a most tragic event that took their Mother from them.
And I happened on the story really because of that torn and wrinkled photo that I saw in an tree . . .

An Update from Marv's 80th

My brother held his 80th birthday celebration in style. The folks were great, the food was great and most of all Marv enjoyed the party along with the rest of us:

Above is a collage of some of the photos for the event -- unfortunately I did not realize it but the flash on my new camera did not always materialize when needed, so some photos were yellowed a bit.

And Lastly this Week

It is hard to believe but it is that "time" again -- the task of changing all the clocks -- we do it in stages. Some even require the ladder . . .

It is though Saturday and that does mean -- burger & fries tonight!  See you all in a few!

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