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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Some SERIOUS Raining . . .

The rains came in the night AND in the midday, how serious they are I'm not sure -- but I do know that the Series is serious . . .

Between the downpours there was a chance to shoot some of the remaining "color" in the backyard.

The purple flowers are brilliant and the red plant is stunning (we just do not know what it is).

The rest is self-explanatory, but the weather today is definitely -- weird . . .

The World Series though is another thing altogether and I'll mention that later in the post.

Dates from our Tree

The birthdays continue while the anniversaries somewhat are dwindling -- for the time being.

There are over thirty birthdays to celebrate next week with only five wedding anniversaries. We wish the best to all!    

Eighty years ago yesterday our family welcomed
the first born into our midst -- Marv!

He was the first-born of parents who were also first born -- and
we all know about the first born children in a marriage . . .

I am also married to a first-born so I am surrounded with examples.

I have had the privilege of knowing him for approximately 7/8s of his life.

Several of us here in town are about to attend his birthday celebration later today -- which of course will replace our traditional Saturday night burgers.

Above is a small sample (in collage form) of the many pictures that I have accumulated over the years. I was around for all of the pictures except his infant pictures -- I hope to put together another collage in future posts.

Each photo conjures up stories and explanations -- which are so illuminating. I'll report next post on the events of the celebration this evening and maybe even have some more photos.

There is always the "brick-wall" to consider when working on the family tree and the HILES brick wall is no exception -- it is the reason that I branch out and look for cousins in any spot on the tree that I can find them.

New Cousins This Week

Again my week found me all over the tree -- and I did find a couple of cousins that I was not aware of before this week:

 The first that I am showing here is for Wretha Lillie Bumgardner (from my maternal branch). The first thing I thought was that "Wretha" was a misspelled name. But apparently it is for real -- I just never had encountered it before.

I found a picture of Wretha from her High School and one from her College which is really fun. From what I have found so far it looks as though she never married ( a spinster teacher). I will be looking to find additional information about her -- she is a second cousin (one generation apart).

The second cousin that I found this week is Rodney Lee Mohler, from my paternal side, in fact he is descended from Jackson Hiles (my 3rd Great Uncle) making Rodney a 3rd cousin (one generation apart).

I luckily found Rodney's picture and information in "The Young American Patriot" book from WWII.

Eventually I will stumble across the leads that will take me over the brick wall.

On the right is a snap from the HILES website that shows as of yesterday
some recent photos that I have added there.

There are several hundred photos on the site along with stories, documents and other trivia all relating to the families that make up our tree.

To access the site:   HILES WEBSITE  apply for a log in "id" and then
you can explore -- I would be happy to assist if you'd like.

And Lastly . . .

What about those Giants -- at this point down two games to one . . . we need to win today for sure or
even tomorrow for really sure . . .

Above you can see Dino looking through the glass door and the Giants Banner waving in the wind.

I'm glad too that the Giants colors match those of Halloween . . .

That is a bit of our week -- see you all in a few!


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