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Saturday, October 18, 2014


What a week -- besides the diversity of weather (heavy rains one day, heavy sunshine the next) the sports world dominated a lot of our time this week:

And as a result, the San Francisco Forty-Niner banner joins "Old Glory" as the display in front of our home.

What happened? The Niners dug deep and pulled out another pennant winning series of games which puts them into a contest with the ALCS winner, the Kansas City Royals.

If you click on the chart you'll see how they got there and that there is one more blank line to fill in -- the World Series winner line . . .

Dates From the Tree

A lot of birthdays, including both of my brothers who celebrate next week. One his 80th and the other his 67th -- so that means at this moment we three boys are in our 60s, 70s and 80s . . . I wish both the happiest of days!

And there are seven couples celebrating wedding anniversaries.

An Amazing Story

I probably am the last to know about this, but I first read about this in Eastman's online blog, at, and decided to check into it . . .

To me this is one of the most interesting quirks of a genealogical nature.

If you click the article on the left you'll see what I mean.

John Tyler, our tenth president who was born in 1790 -- that is 224 years ago, STILL has two living grandsons today.

Apparently Tyler had 15 kids and at least one of them very late in life in fact 1853.

And that son, Lyle Gardiner Tyler had at least two sons late in his life -- 1924 & 1928.

These are the two Grandsons that are still living,

Above are pictures of both the Grandsons -- Lyle Jr and Harrison. I found both boys college photos, they both went to "The College of William & Mary", and then some more recent photos of each.

For the fun of it, I have started a "Tyler" tree in and when I need a break I update that along with the several other trees that I have there.

But thinking about the spread of years -- both of my grandfathers were born in the 1880s, and neither had children that late in life. I have to wonder how many other stories like this exist.

Another Amazing Story

At least to me (and to Gail)! I am jealous of Gail's paternal line in that we know that it came from England -- and we have all kinds of proof for that.

Thomas Bouldron, Gail's GGGrandfather was born in 1820 in Lartington, Yorkshire, England.

We have known his mother's name but until this week we did not know Thomas' father's name.

From we can see the proof of not only Thomas's birth date but ALSO the name of his father per the attached record.

Clicking on the document to the right you can see in the hand written section at the bottom, the facts regarding the birth -- January 30, 1820, previously we only knew the year 1820.

And we can see the date of Baptism (Catholic) as the 31st of January 1820 along with his father's name -- William Bouldron and his mother's name Elizabeth Jatten.   

Clicking on the left you will see the linage from William to Gail and the folks in between. 

Little by little we fill in the missing pieces. And when you watch shows like "Finding Your Roots" you see amazing discoveries all the time.

As more and more records are digitized we can expect to find more and more facts, that is why checking back in with for example can mean a new discovery possibly.

I was encouraged by finding the name of William Bouldron and for getting a definite birth date for his son Thomas.

What will be next?

Well this was a week that seemingly was spent on Gail's side of the family tree more than mine -- mostly because I kept finding interesting people and facts.

Who knew? That "my Gilletts" were not the only
Gillette's in the tree.

It turns out that Gail's side has Gillettes as well, though her side has the added "e" at the end, more like the cosmetic company . . .

Clicking on the right you can see that coming down the Isaac Pine Calhoun line, one of the many Shaffer boys married a Gillette, Margaret to be specific.

Thanks to and their school year
book photos, I was also able to put a picture to
Margaret's name as well. It's all magical.

Thinking About the World Series

If you are maybe thinking about attending maybe one or more of the games next week -- clicking on the left shows the schedule as it is so far.

I have been to games in Kansas City (years ago when I traveled to that city) and to games in San Francisco (though not to AT&T Park) but looking at the examples of the ticket prices on the bottom left -- FOX TV is just fine.

Actually as a matter of fact these days I prefer TV games. The ticket prices to the left are game tickets only -- not travel, not parking nor refreshments . . .

We are saving a bundle and a second mortgage and we'll be getting appropriate commentary along with our choice of  refreshments and decorum.

We look forward to the World Series games -- who played last year . . .

It is Saturday -- and that means -- Fish-Fry Friday Saturday . . . See you all in a few!


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