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Saturday, October 4, 2014


The whole month of October could be taken up by watching the Major League Baseball post season games. If each series of games go the full length (5 & 7 games) there will be a lot of games -- but the 7th game of the World Series is slated for October 29th . . . Wow!

We did manage to watch the San Francisco Giants last regular season game, which they won over the San Diego Padres and the post game celebration led by the very enthusiastic Hunter Pence.

For the Giants it was then off to Pittsburgh for the Wild Card Game which fortunately they won as well. And that win allowed them into the National League Divisional Series where they currently have a one game win over the Washington Nationals (of a 5-game series).

We watched about 90% of the regular 162 season games of the Giants -- probably the most baseball regular games that I have ever watched -- it was fun to get to know the team better.

If you click on the above you can see the other players that will determine the two teams that will be in this year's World Series. Usually this is about where we start watching -- when the games mean something more than just "another win or loss".

We still are enjoying NFL football as well, but this month they may be taking second fiddle, especially given the performance of "some" teams and the numerous scandals.


There are still a fair amount of birthdays next week for folks in our tree AND there are nine couples celebrating wedding anniversaries.


I am sure most of us have a ton of photos stashed away in various places around our homes -- and of course I do as well.

A lot of the photos that I have are ones that I have taken over the years so mostly I know who is in the picture and usually where . . .

But, I also have a lot of photos that I have inherited that I don't always know who all the players are in the picture, nor do I know where the photo was snapped.

The picture to the right above is a case in point -- I do recognize my mother, Ruth Bumgardner in both of the pictures -- but I do not know who the other folks are nor do I know where and exactly when the picture was taken.

I can make some guesses as to "when", which I guess to be in the late 1920s or possibly 1930 at the latest. Both of these pictures show my mother before she and my father married and she is in the company of other possible beaus.

I could also guess that the location might be Iowa or even Marinette, Wisconsin , but I just do not know.

Speaking of Photos . . .

Every week I begin by searching for relatives and details about their lives usually starting in and looking at the "shaking" leaves that they present as hints. that process can take me all around many branches in our tree which keeps it interesting.

The hints that turn out to be pertinent I add to my public tree and then to my Family Tree Maker Tree (sometimes Geni as well) and then finally to

The above are some of the more recent thumbnail photos that I have added to my website. I really enjoy having pictures of relatives -- even distant relatives -- and I usually crop them for the purpose of the tree.

I add other photos to the website as well including headstones and pictures of documents such as Census records, Draft cards and marriage certificates among other things.

To the left is an example of how far and distant some of my "finds" are . . . if you click on the charts you can see how two folks from the above are related to me and then to you.

In the left charts, both subjects happen to be cousins -- second and/or third respectively.

It is interesting to learn of the new surnames as I find the husbands of some of the "Hiles" women or descendants of "Hiles" women . . .

Both of the above are related from the descendants of John Hiles, Jr and Charity Reed as I am.

Another Photo Collage

Dino does have his won "tree" and we know back about four of five generations for him and we have actually met some of his siblings.

But we do not know if three of the four pictured to the right are in his tree or not -- but they sure look like they could be . . .

Dino celebrated his 3rd birthday in the last two weeks and as he starts his 4th year he continues to amaze us with his gentleness and his patient ways of doing things.

I feel a little guilty that he does not get to go out as much as when he was younger and in the "program" but he seems to have settled into our routine and enjoys his days.

And Finally . . .

In the last week I did "attend" two webinars put on by "Family Tree Webinars" and learned a lot from both sessions.

AND, I watched the second show of "Finding Your Roots" the second season.

This series continues to be absolutely tops. This week they featured three sports heroes -- Billie Jean King, Derek Jeter and Rebecca Lobo.

I am amazed (as were the heroes) at the amount and type of information that was uncovered.

It would be nice if I could uncover a fraction of what "FYR" reveals. I did hear a statistic this week that only 5% of facts concerning genealogy is online, meaning the other 95% is out there to be found.

So much to do, soooo little time . . .

That was a bit of our week, it is Saturday Night and that means possibly "burgers".

See you all in a few!

(two of my three siblings are traveling this week . . . one to Portland, Oregon, one to Door County, Wisconsin, I wish them both well on their trips)

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