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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Indoor/Outdoor Sun

It has been a nondescript weather week here. We see on the news that weather in the Midwest, East, and Southern areas of the country has been anything but.

After two full weeks the indoor plants are thriving. All 7 have visible growth though some are much faster growers than others.

To keep up we'll have to make sure what the next steps are to cultivate and use these herbs. The unit comes on automatically and stays on for 17 hours. It got a little thrown off when we had an hour and a half power outage.

Oscar Power

As is our custom we watched the Oscars again this year. We know that we have not seen any of the current films up for awards AND we don't think that we have seen any of last year's either.  We are so "out of it" . . .

But for us this year one of the more memorable presentations was that of Lady Gaga -- which was a total surprise to us.

We had no idea that she could deliver such an engaging tribute to "The Sound of Music". We thoroughly enjoyed her singing -- which for us was surprising. We have seen her recently performing with Tony Bennett and have enjoyed that as well.

Who will be next to change our opinions?

The Newspaper Search Continues

I have again been into some old newspapers and find myself enveloped by the page after page of possible "golden" tidbits.

I have written before about Gail's Great Great Grandfather, Rufus Calhoun, the Sea Captain whose house we visited up in Port Townsend, Washington.

Click on the image to the left to see the Family Group Sheet for Rufus and Sarah (Fillmore).

There were eight children in the family and there have been several articles in the HHH about some of them.

We were excited to visit Port Townsend a few years ago and visit places that were familiar to Rufus.

He was born in Canada, died in San Francisco and had seven siblings.

He and his brothers were engaged in shipbuilding in Port Townsend. One of the ships that they built and Rufus captained for awhile was the "Alaska":

Click on the above image to read some of the facts about the "Alaska". Rufus was 39 years old when he and his brothers built the ship. Just two short years later when Rufus was 41 and Captain of that ship -- it was wrecked while carrying a load of lumber bound for Hawaii.

The ship was later salvaged and repaired and went on to working in the Bering Sea in the Cod industry. The ship was lost in the Bering Sea about 1885.

Now this week while nosing around the old newspapers and in the "Port Townsend Leader" specifically the January 2, 1904 edition, I spotted the following regarding Rufus who had less than a month earlier, died:

Neither Gail nor I had seen this before and were surprised at finding it. There were specific instructions and bequeaths to be sure. The "Will" certainly begs for "follow-up".

Genealogy Related TV -- This Week & Next

This week we saw another edition of "The Genealogy Roadshow" on PBS. The shows are fascinating and usually highlights several stories surrounding regular folks and their family histories.

The show is in it's second season and is about through for this year -- but their is a casting call for season three:

If you have a unique question regarding family history go to the above URL and fill out the form and send it in -- you never know . . . maybe we'll be watching your story next year.

Then a week from this Sunday, the new season of WDYTYA begins on TLC:

We have watched and enjoyed every episode of this show -- too bad that it is not on PBS where there would not be commercials so that more genealogical content would be shown . . .

Never-the-less we'll be watching (recording) the shows and looking forward to the celebrities who are featured.

What Else is New (to me anyway)

I read Dick Eastman's blog every day and always learn new things about what is going on in the world of genealogy. This week Dick had a blurb on a podcast that has been around a couple of years that I had not heard of before.

I listened to one show and found it to be really professional and very interesting.

I hope that I can go back and listen to the shows that I missed.

I appreciate Dick Eastman sharing and highlighting this show.

You can check it out by going to the URl at the left.

It appears that there is something for all who are interested in genealogy to listen to and enjoy.

Available on iHeartRadio.

And an immediate "thank you" to Fisher of "Extreme Gens" for the family plaque to the right.

I have to agree that "our family" too certainly fits into the realm of "normal", it does doesn't it?

And that is a bit of our week -- see you all in a few!

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