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Saturday, March 7, 2015


Okay so the sounds of the day today would depend on what part of the country you are in . . . as I write this post I can hear the sounds of aluminum striking a solid round object (baseball) while I can only imagine the sounds of aluminum striking solid or frozen snow . . .

And soon (tomorrow) both those sounds will have more daylight to help the activity. I grew up in snowy conditions in the winter months but have enjoyed the warmer climates for many years now.

Project Done -- Project Begun

For many months -- or parts of many months, maybe even a couple of years, Gail has worked off and on a current needlepoint work. She often needle points while watching sports on TV -- either football or baseball.

She put the finishing touches on the above left canvass just yesterday and as you can imagine after such a long time it will be refreshing to begin a new canvass. She had the difficult task of going through her inventory of needlepoints-to-do and deciding which one that she will work on.

Above, on the right is her decision, though there is also a handheld one that she make work on to break up some of the tedious times. We have her framed work in every room in the house -- nice!

Meanwhile -- My Projects

Last post I shared the find I had gotten regarding the "will" of Rufus Calhoun, Gail's Great Great Grandfather. The will seemed somewhat unusual in some respects and I thought it would be fun to see if we could find more insight into Rufus.

And we did:

Shortly after the death of Captain Rufus Calhoun, an article was written in the Evening Bulletin in Honolulu that did illustrate some more about Rufus. Click on the above and you will be able to read the story -- I sure hope that we can find other stories like the above as well.

So, needless to say, my week was filled searching around the Rufus Calhoun branch. Specifically I found myself investigating the family of his son Isaac Pine Calhoun.

Isaac married Lexie Leath Firth and they had 11 children, 5 boys (3 lived to adulthood) and 6 girls who all lived to adulthood. Gail descends from this branch.

Above is a descendant "fan" showing some of the generations of descendants of Rufus & Sarah. Below the fan are some of the individual branches spawned from the 11 children.

Gail's immediate family is on the right. There are many more folks that I have to attach pictures to and it all just takes time . . .

But each of Isaac Pine Calhoun's six daughters married and all had children, except for Lexie. The other five daughters helped start 5 other surnames -- from Calhoun to Shaffer, to Drake, to Bouldron, to Jorgensen and to Kean.

There are tons of stories generated from the above and hopefully we'll get to a lot of them.

At the same time, while searching for Calhoun stories I did manage to find some insight into one of the relatives from my side -- Paul Clifton:

Paul was the husband of my favorite aunt Muriel, my father's sister. Growing up we did get a few chances to be around Uncle Paul & Aunt Muriel and they were great!

So, finding the articles about Paul was a fun thing and it gave insight into who he was. I always enjoyed being around him (and especially Muriel). They lived in Texas and as a family we never made the trip to visit them -- though my sister did when she was a young teenager.

I remember at least two visits that Paul, Muriel, Helen, Doris & Ruth made to our family in the late forties and early fifties. Pleasant memories.

While the Research & Needlepoint Work . . .

was going on, the indoor garden kept progressing
every day. To the right is what it looks like after
three weeks.

We better get the pruning shears ready and the dehydrator . . .


It hardly seems possible that there are less than 300 days left to this year and that winter is almost over -- well at least for some of us.

Remember if you want to watch WDYTYA the new season starts tomorrow night. There are eight celebrities being featured this year.

I have sooo much work to do (not to mention income taxes) and it is Saturday  and it looks like a chicken in every pot -- or at least our pot for tonight.

A timely reminder above AND we'll see you all "in a few"!

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