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Saturday, April 25, 2015

♫ Saturday, In The Back ♪

We thought it was the 4th of July odd that it was so nice out . . . so early in the season. Mid April and it could have been mid-summer in other locales. If it were not for the drought it would be so nice.

We've taken to hand watering most of the above and so far it seems to be working. We have found it enjoyable to sit in the back now . . .

So, Now What is on our Nightstand?

We have finished our most recent biography type book -- Al Michaels -- we enjoyed that with all the stories of big-time broadcasting and all, but we have opted to stray from our usual format and have chosen a "novel" for the first time.

Fannie Flagg of "Fried Green Tomatoes" fame has released a book that sounded interesting.

The cover evoked a by-gone era of auto service and down-home lore. In actuality, it fits our interest too in that it deals a lot with genealogy as well.

The story starts out with "Sookie", and her husband Earle. They are almost empty-nesters having just married off their daughters and have a son to go.

The twist begins when Sookie is told that after all these years she is really adopted and not who she thinks she is . . .

We look forward to finding out how  this all plays out.

Webinar Stuff in April

April has been a very active month -- so far -- for webinars at Legacy.

There have been already nine webinars that I have listened to/watched this month.

And as usual I have learned from each one. Even when the topic doesn't seem to fit my needs, something is revealed that will assist me in the search.

And, there is one more April webinar coming up this month.

The webinars help to define my day and even though I can always view them in their recorded format -- I enjoy the live performances best.

Besides, the door prizes are awarded to those at the live shows.

A Peek into the Searching . . .

Last post I resounded with joy at finding a "Griswold" family in our tree and the hopes that it would lead to the famous "Griswold Family Reunion" . . .

This week I uncovered another "Griswold" only this one was a "given-name" Griswold, Griswold Gillett. Who knew.

Griswold Gillett is a distant relative and you can see the connection off to the right -- I am hard pressed to follow it all . . .

I have spent a ton of time on the Gilletts and it still baffles me how some have the Gillett name without the ending "e" and those that have the ending "e" even when they did not start out with it . . .

But Griswold Gillett served in the War of 1812 and while born in Massachusettes ended up in Tomah, Wisconsin. (been there).

His picture, above, was taken in 1862, according to Anne Gillette who originally displayed the photo.

There is a lot more to the Gillett(e) story.

Currently, Our Other Entertainment

We love watching sports on TV -- mostly NFL games, but since those are over for the season and thankfully so, it is back to MLB games.

We enjoy watching the development of the San Francisco Giant's squad each year. This year there are so many changes -- most noticeably Pablo Sandoval who fled to the Red Sox and players like Morse that I am not sure where he went.

But -- even though SF Giants are the reigning World Series Champs and the images of the individual players celebrating that victory are present in my mind -- it seems to me that some of the players have not bathed since that time of celebration -- they know who they are . . . except for Tim Lincecum.

Lincecum at the beginning of this season looked as though he was a member of the no-groom group until this last week:

Tim, shown on the right after getting a new "do" AND he easily won the next game that he pitched. Is there a connection. It seems that several players could again look like  role models and maybe perform better on the field as well.

The box scores above certainly indicate that the Giants are in the bottom. Hopefully that will change and give us fans something to enjoy as we watch each game. And it would be nice not to have to see unkempt and what appears to be unwashed hair straggling out beneath the caps . . .

That is a bit of our week, see you all in a few!

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