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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Quick Mid-Week Peek

April is just about gone with May coming tomorrow. Unfortunately the song "April Showers" doesn't apply to us here in Northern California . . . we may have had one or two showers this month . . .

This was though an evening view of the western sky from our back deck. The red sky at night, sailor's delight was accurate in that we had no stormy weather the next day.

Private Dining

A nice quiet lunch for Gail & Silvia last week. Dino looked for "crumbs".

The tulips were beautiful and they did last about a week before curling over the vase . . .

We plan to use the arbor setting for other quiet lunches this summer.

Search This Week

I've been in many branches this week, but the obituary shown to the left is one for my Great Aunt, Martha Ann Bumgardner.

She was the sister of my Great Grandfather, Charles Stuart Bumgardner.

The Find-a-Grave memorial gives some of the detail of her life -- she married William L Butler and had many children.

My Mother always would say that there were a lot of Butler, Rankin & Rider families connected to the Bumgardners -- this is just one of them.

My next trip to Iowa, I plan to visit some of the many other cemeteries that I have found to contain relatives.

And an addition to the Nightstand . . .

Imagine our delight when we added a newly purchased book,
shown to the right, to our current reading.

What makes it special is that someone from our "tree" wrote and published this book.

Dina Fregoso Artlip, sister-in-law to my nephew wrote and illustrated this very nice book.

It is suitable especially for families with young siblings that have a young girl with a slightly older brother.

We recognized both Jacob & Madelyn as the stars of this story and look forward to the promised future books as well.

This book is available at both Amazon & Createspace, the links are:

Little Princess or Little Princess

Well worth having and sharing! Way to go Dina!

That's a peek at our week, so far.

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