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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Another Little Princess

There used to be a chain of discount stores in California named "White Front". They are long gone but the front of our house has a lot of white right now. We have hundreds of white roses and other flower varieties going on.

We have noticed several folks just stopping as they walk by to comment on the display. We may take out the white oleanders as they are getting too leggy -- but will replace them with some other white flowering plant.

The cycle always amazes us as the flowers come and go.

The Search This Week

I have been deep into a branch of Hiles cousins that seem to have a ton of newspaper articles written about their everyday life. Births, marriages, deaths, military duties and school activities abound for this group.

But I'll just mention a bit about one of them for the moment:  Reverand Stacey William Hiles

To the right you can see his Find-a-Grave memorial.

Stacey was a minister in the Evangelical United Brethren Church in various locations in Ohio.

Unfortunately he died young -- of a stroke. He was returning from a Christmas visit with one of his sons and family when while driving it hit him.

He and his wife had six children, four of whom lived past childhood. There are numerous newspaper references to him and to his children.

Warden R Hiles was his youngest child and lived over 70 years.

He was married with a family as well. He lived til 1992 and his wife lived until 2010.

We'll look at some of Stacey's other children in future posts.

To me it is astounding that in growing up none of these cousins were known to me.

I had no idea that there were so many HILES
living relatively close to our family.

On the right is a brief look at a relationship

It points out how Stacey and his family are
related to me and thus to you.

I hope to eventually find some currently living
Stacey relatives and even communicate with them.

Right now I am sorting through the many articles that I have seen in a lot of small town Ohio newspapers.

Thank you &

Second Week for another "Little Princess"

Last week we posted about the "Little Princess" by Dina Artlip. This week we have another princess to report about.

Thanks to Dick Eastman at for the following:

It is hard to believe that the birth certificate for such a royal person would be so straight forward and simple.

It was good timing that Dina's "Little Princess" book was released just about a week before this second little princess was "released".

Even though royalty is not officially recognized here it is fun to keep track of some of the line.

The world needs more events like the above rather than much of what we see on the evening news.

Speaking of baseball . . . the Giants have done fairly well lately . . .

That is a glimpse of our week so far -- see you all "in a few".

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