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Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's Generational

Again this week so far -- cool in the morning (enough to put the heater on for a bit) and then warm almost to the point of needing the a/c. But here is something to get warmed about:

Thanks to Jim Hiles for sending me the above picture. It actually is the "old farm" where Jim was born some years ago on May 29th. The colors are rich and beautiful and I can only imagine the setting.

I believe Jim said that his father -- Edward Lloyd Hiles was also born on the same farm only on the 9 July 1910. The farm is located in Perry County, Ohio. What a serene looking setting!

So we take this moment to wish Jim the very best tomorrow and many more! Have a great day!

It is a Generational Thing . . .

I never have paid much attention to the terms assigned to generations -- until recently when I heard that "Millennials" are the current largest group in our society. I wasn't sure even what was meant by a "Millennial" . . .

So about 30% of our current population is made up of these folks. And this group apparently has distinctive traits.

Clicking on the chart to the left the "life decisions" stated do sound familiar.

Generation Z has yet to be heard from as a group. I can only imagine how their life decisions will be changing.

My parents belonged to the "GI Generation" while I belong to the "Silent Generation" somewhat news-to-me . . . and my kids are in Generation X.  Maybe I'll get a handle on this or maybe not.

A Webinar This Week

Besides being concerned with generations and their characteristics, the webinar put on by Legacy Family Tree Webinars this week was an excellent look at migration patterns mostly before 1860 that so many of our family members took part in . . .

Mary Hill had a top-notch
 presentation regarding the most common migration patterns -- and I am sure my branch of the family fit into those patterns.

The state of Ohio played a major role both into and out of the state. And I see our family right there and of course we see some of our family still there today (Jim for one).

The webinar is available for the next several days -- free of charge -- at Family Tree Webinars
it is well worth the time to view it.

A Pedigree Chart

On the left is a pedigree chart for me that shows 5 generations -- up to my Great Great Grandparents.

Starting with my Grandparents -- I have two sets meaning four people.

In each generation the number doubles so you can see that I have listed 16 G-G Grandparents and I have most of their names listed.

So, guess what that means about 3rd  Great Grandparents -- that number is 32.

I only know some of them.

At this point I have NO pictures of any of my 16 G-G Grandparents. My guess is that there are some pictures somewhere.

On the right are the folks I have identified as my 3rd G G Grandparents.

I have 18 of the 32 possibles, identified somewhat.

But, thanks to a cousin on the Gillett side, I do have pictures (images) for two of the folks. Thank you, Carmen.

And there you have it -- images for two folks from the tree that were both born in the 1700s.

You can see more images and other documents at the
The Hiles Website

I have added quite a few more things in the last couple of weeks.

I continue to search in old newspapers and I have found a lot of "tidbits".

I still have lots of unidentified photos that I hope that I can maybe identify at some point.

The week & month are ending fast . . .

That is a peek of this week -- see you all "in a few"!

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