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Saturday, June 20, 2015

All in one Weekend -- Spring Summer Father

It all seems to be happening this weekend. In less than 22 hours 2015 Springtime will officially be over and Summer 2015 will begin. Summer goes from June 21 'til September 23 . . .

The drought here has NOT yet shut down the flowers at least not all of them. We are dutifully following the rules of watering for our town -- Tuesday and Friday evenings only.

As far as the end of one season and the start of another goes, we probably won't be able to tell that much difference for a few weeks or even a month or so. August will most likely be HOT and of course dry.

We saw on the news that there are signs that El Nino may be happening later this year and with that possibly wet storms . . . for Northern California. That would be wonderful. How strange it is that while we here in this part of the country are having such dry weather, the Midwest and the Southwest are having abundant rain and storms . . .

Other Possible News

By 2020 our money could be taking on a whole new look -- at least for now on the Twenty Dollar Bill. There is talk that a woman will take the place of Andrew Jackson on that denomination. It is probably appropriate and about time:

Above are nine possible women being considered. I enjoy "collecting" money and this proposed change will enhance the collectibility of the Twenty Dollar Bill now sometimes referred to as a "Jackson".

Four years seems so distant -- but by then we will have had a new president who will be finishing up his or her first term. The things we have to look forward to . . .

The Searching This Week

I actually did a lot of searches this week and very little to-show-for-it . . .

I spent a lot of time randomly searching through several Bumgardner branches.

On the right is an example of one search -- Jacob Bumgardner, my Third Great Uncle.

He started his life in Virgina and wound up in Iowa -- just like many of that branch.

Another Bumgardner is Nancy and she is my 2nd Great Aunt.

She is the Bumgardner that introduced the Wallace name into the branch.

I talked about her family in a recent post.

The Find-A-Grave memorial and the relationship chart sheds light on her family.

And lastly an example from my paternal side of the tree:

My Father's brother's daughter -- my paternal first cousin, Vivian Helen Hiles.

Vivian married Frank Porcaro, her first of three marriages.

Frank died in 1981 and Vivian went on to marry two more times, but she is buried next to her first husband.

I was fortunate enough to speak with Vivian on the telephone shortly before she died.  Before that time I had only seen her when I was a child. As far as I know her brother, Leslie, is still alive and living in Racine, Wisconsin.

Other Ways we are Spending Our Time

We are enjoying watching baseball almost every day. Fortunately,
all the Giants games are telecast on channels that we receive.

We record each game and then watch about an hour after they begin and can skip most commercials and pitching changes and things like that.

Last night for example it was nice to see the Giants play the Dodgers --  and they won.

Earlier this week we watched the games with the Seattle Mariners.

Even though I lived in both of the other cities and have been to each of the other stadiums, it is so nice to sit in our family room and watch these games.

We also enjoyed the no-hitter that Heston completed a few games ago.

The above picture is also the current puzzle that Gail is working on -- I help occasionally -- and it is quite challenging. It just might take us the entire season to finish -- and that's a good thing!


I remember many Father's Days and always
have a "good" memory of them.

I do remember though working a "strike" assignment as a long distance operator and
putting through calls from distant children to their fathers.

Many of these calls -- unlike on Mother's Day -- were "collect" calls.

Today, communication is most like made on cell phones for long distant fathers and kids.

Enjoy the day and we'll see you all "in a few"!

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