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Saturday, June 6, 2015


I am not sure exactly where these birds were headin', but they were certainly vocalizing the journey. Dino was most interested in the several v-shaped formations that flew overhead the other day.

If you click on the above, to the left of the arrow can be seen one of the many flocks that serenaded us. I think that this was the last flock that day and I was lucky to get the camera just-in-time.

We know the geese will be back and they will be trumpeting their arrival and departure just as they did this day. Not long ago we did see a flock take a rest stop in the field between our house and the school behind us.

Ongoing Search Work

On the right is an example of a pedigree wheel or
chart for Gail.

The outer rim shows her Great Great Grandparents of which there is 16 and in this
wheel there are 12 identified.

So that means more work is needed to be done
to complete the wheel.

In searching when you get back to the early 1800s records can be much harder to come by.

Also usually this time period represents searching in other countries which is tougher to do as well.

This chart was made using "Charting Companion" software and there is a nice variety of charts available.

Gail's paternal line actually could include another section meaning her Great Great Great Grandparents -- William Bouldron & Elizabeth Jatten both of whom were born in England.

Her paternal Great Grandparents, Thomas Bouldron and Mary MacKenzie also both born in England are her immigrant ancestors.
They both arrived in the United States and settled in Denison, Iowa.

We often wondered how Denison, Iowa was chosen -- and it appears that that was where the railroad line ended when they arrived.

We know that Iowa put advertisements in English newspapers seeking to attract all comers.

Gail & I visited Denison about 10 years ago to capture the immigrant sense of arrival.

How did these "Wallaces" get into our tree?

There were already many folks with the surname Wallace in our tree and then this last week I uncovered another batch.

Here's the story:  my Great Grandfather Charles Stuart Bumgardner had a sister (my 2nd Great Aunt) named Nancy H Bumgardner and she married Andrew Clyde Wallace AND they had ten children.

Above you can see the chart showing Andrew & Nancy and their ten children in a chart created in the new

On the far right,  I even found a picture, taken for a passport photo of one of those kids -- Ethel Day Wallace. Finding pictures is really nice (and fun).

To the right is a better picture of how Ethel fits
into the family.

Ethel seemed to have a very interesting life and
traveled a lot and then moved and settled in Canada.

One of Ethel's brothers is Clyde Andrew Wallace. He married and had a son named
Wilber Harrison Wallace.

I was able to find Wilber's photo -- also a passport photo found on

It seems that Wilber too had a very interesting life as I see he worked in China in the 1920s with Standard Oil as a Superintendant of Installation.

I suspect that I'll find out many new facts about this branch of the Wallace family in the coming weeks. I may even find if they are linked in any way to the Wallace family that we already knew about.

I even hope to find out if Wilber is spelled correctly or if it should be Wilbur . . . stay tuned.

And Lastly

Do I smell a pizza . . . off to the right, past the "HILES" Ice Cream sign is our pizza oven.  But the pizza that we had the other night was store-bought (Mountain Mike's).

We also had store bought ice cream (Gail did) instead of home made . . . pizza and ice cream are hard to make tasty at home . . .

We hope to get enough energy to actually use the pizza oven, but in the meantime, it looks pretty good.

The flowers are looking good as well.

So, after the days chores are finished and appointments kept we
usually relax watching TV -- and a lot of the TV these days are
sporting events, mostly baseball.

However, this week -- on Thursday we actually watched our first
basketball game probably in several months:

We watched the Golden State Warrior game as they won the first game in the Finals over the Cleveland Cavaliers . . .

We sure noticed the pace of the event as opposed to baseball. If the baseball game is a pitchers duel and almost every batter goes full count it can get tedious at times -- and it is at those times that we really appreciate the fact that we have recorded the game and can speed past some of that.

The Giants are doing fairly well -- and now that they have visited the White House (3rd time) they can concentrate on winning games. Today we will watch the game with the Phillies

And that is a bit of our week -- see you all "in a few"!

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