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Saturday, September 19, 2015

It's All Debatable . . .

This week we went from smelling smoke to the fresh smell of a post rain spell back to a warm spell and everything in between.

This is actually the way the sky appeared on Tuesday evening this week just before the rains started. The "sliver" of the moon shown brightly for a bit and then disappeared. I was able to catch this image moments before the moon was swallowed by the streaking clouds.

Tuesday night is usually the night spent watering around the yard (as permitted), but this night I only spent time topping off the pool.

On Wednesday around midday, there were several cloudbursts -- so welcoming. The rain lasted throughout the afternoon.

Thursday was a bit overcast and the air was sooo clear, Friday we were back to fairly warm again. We actually used the heater a bit on Wednesday morning, just to take the "chill" off . . .

The Search Effort This Week

Each week I actually believe that I'll be doing all the
searching that I planned to do . . .

This week, as the graph points out, I did not quite get
to where I wanted to be.

I had great intentions and plans, but for whatever reasons
I did not "get there".

I'll try to make up for it in the coming weeks, but it isn't
like I'm going to be evaluated on my goals & objectives
versus accomplishments as in my old career days -- thank

I do however still have the "funny feeling" that I should have done more -- maybe I'll take a nap and that feeling
will go away.

It's not like I didn't do some searching:

To the left is a screenshot of some of what I added recently to the Hiles Website.

I try to add new folks and/or documents relating to individuals in our tree -- no matter how distantly related.

As I have said before, I love adding photos of people that I find in a variety of places.

I will keep searching the old newspaper files for anything related to our family.

So Where Did We Spend Our Time

TV for one thing. This was a big week for "events" on TV.

It was the finale for several of our favorite shows:

American Ninja Warrior ended this week -- and it was a beautiful ending after many seasons of not having a "winner".  This season for the first time,
there were actually two persons who completed the final obstacles with one finishing a few seconds faster than the other hence that person received $1 Million.

AGT -- America's Got Talent wrapped up their season with a ventriloquist winning the prize, also worth $1 Million. There were several people that were worthy of the winning prize, but "only one
can win" and it comes from the votes from viewers.

Master Chef -- another of our favorites finished this week. The winner got $1/4 Million, plus a cookbook deal.  We enjoy and learn from watching this show.

It was the premiere of another of our favorite shows this week -- Dancing With the Stars. Sometimes it seems as though they have dipped into the lower rungs of stardom to get the "stars",  but frequently I have altered my opinion of these folks after watching them "dance" or try to dance.

And Lastly -- The Republican Debate, the second one. This was a three-hour event that at first Gail did not think that she could endure -- but was surprised to find that it did keep her attention. The "prize" for this reality show is yet to be announced.

And then there was the "sporting events" of the week:

How can researching be done when there are shows like those to the left on.

It used to be that there would be an NFL game on Sunday that we'd be interested in watching.

Now besides that, there is a Sunday Night Football game, a Monday Night Football game AND a Thursday Night football game.

We record them all, may not watch them all, but this week we did watch them all . . .

Besides the NFL games we also watched a few MLB games -- the SF Giants versus others. So that is why or partly why I did not finish my researching goals this week . . .

Speaking of Football Photos

From the photo shoebox:

I do not know who these young boys are. I believe that they might be relatives as they were among the photos belonging to my mother.

It also appears that the photo was taken in the back yard of my Grandparents home in Chicago, 2521 N. Bernard Street, though I don't know for sure.

If anyone has an idea of who these guys are -- shoot me an email.

The football sure looks bloated and a slightly different shape as the current footballs in use today. It does not look to be "deflated". . .

And Lastly, What is on Your Our Nightstand?

We are almost through our current book -- "To Kill a Mockingbird" and we have added our next reads.

We thought we'd continue with "The Grapes of Wrath" and a secondary book that I will probably read on my own, "Reinventing American Health Care".

And so goes our week. It is Saturday and eats for the rest of the day probably will be "dogs" and "burgers".  See you all "in a few"!

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