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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Crush? Not Yet . . .

A stroll through our vineyard and you can tell that it would be premature to be thinking crush. Actually we can not stroll through our vineyard, only by it or near it or around it. Here's Dino standing watch "by it":

Throughout our town and county, there are crush events taking place. Earlier this spring we decided to participate in the fruit of choice in our area by planting grapes -- which we have done. We have carefully tended our crops and we have checked on the progress.

If you enlarge the above, in the second photos from the left you'll be able to spot the produce, it is identified near the ^^ symbols. You'll also notice that it will be probably a late October crush and that is "okay".

The warm sun has given rise to a nice appearing crop and we can only hope the same will be done for the taste even though we have followed the drought watering rules. Time will tell.

What Else is New?

Since we finished our previous puzzle project early last week we recognized that we needed a replacement.

We ordered a new puzzle project -- "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte" by Georges Seurat. That painting was always a Gail favorite since her art days at The University of Puget Sound.

So now we are beginning work on the intriguing shapes of the wooden pieces albeit larger-than-normal-sized pieces.

It is hard to explain the sense of satisfaction when a particular odd shape is joined to the others.

Another appealing aspect to these wooden puzzles is the fragrance when first opening the package. That fragrance does linger and probably has something to do with "wanting to get another puzzle" when the time comes.

Webinar This Week

On Wednesday, I did participate in the weekly Webinar shown to the left.

Okay, so I only have two a few "Eastern European" ancestors but the process and the tips were well worth the time spent in the Webinar.

Lisa Alzo always provides a professionally done presentation and always provides tips and secrets that can be applied to searching anywhere.

Lisa has done many webinars and I believe that I have viewed and learned from all of them. Her current webinar is still free-to-view at Legacy Family Webinars website for the next few days.

Pictured also above is the announcement of the 2016 Legacy Genealogy Cruise to Alaska. They have had many cruises in the last several years, the negative is that during that cruise period there are no live webinars during the time they are on board the ship -- maybe they could broadcast some of the classes . . .

The Search This Week

I actually did do some searching this week and some adding to the trees. But as you'll see it is for some really far afield relatives but none-the-less interesting, to me at least.

The above families and folks all are related to us but as you can see in ways that are often hard to explain e.g. Flossie Opal Parks  is the 1st great grand niece of wife of 3rd great uncle of mine . . .

But since discovering them AND the fact that they had great photos available for them I was anxious to put them into the tree.

And who knows, maybe their connection will lead me to some more relevant ancestors. I can only hope.

Of the families shown above, Householder gained entry into our tree when Margaret Ann Householder married the son of John Hiles Jr also a John that I have designated as John III.

The sister of Margaret Ann Householder, Christina Householder, then married a Griggs, George Griggs and one of their children, Caroline Griggs married a Walter Parks and so on for the folks shown above . . .

It would be nice to communicate with any of the down stream relatives of these folks.

Lastly This Week

Thursday of this week was challenging for us in terms of watching sporting events on TV. We have already pointed out the huge savings of TV viewing of these events versus actually physically attending . . .

On Thursday evening (September 3rd) were the
following three events all roughly at the same time.

We wanted to view at least some of each game.

Through the magic of the DVR we were able to view almost all of each game and not spend the 9 or 10 hours that would normally be required.

As you can see, it did not bode well for the SF Giants as they lost bigtime to the Rockies.  And even though the Niners came out on top of the Chargers it was a weird pre-season game.

The Raiders result was one that we have come to expect and to some degree, enjoy. The Seahawks are always fun to see winning, except when they play the Niners.

It is Saturday, the first of the three-day weekend. Have a fun Labor Day!

Tonight is burger night -- see you all "in a few"!

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