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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sound of Nostalgia

Actually I mean the sight of nostalgia but it could be associated with sounds as well -- makes no sense . . . last evening after watering the yard and plants on one of the two allowed nights to water in our town (due to the drought) I glanced up at the sky:

Behind the mottled sky was the obscured full-moon. It looked and felt "different" and I remarked that it seemed like it was going to rain.  Growing up in the Midwest I had had this sense many times before.

It actually did rain some because in the morning there were pools of water on the back deck and spotted sidewalks in the front.

It has been unusually warm and sticky at night and instead of running the a/c all night (which might have been the best solution) we chose to run a small fan in the bedroom. The slight sound of the fan humming all night provided the nostalgic sound that recalls earlier days not to mention blocking out the sound of a light rain.

In the morning there was a "nice" feel to the day as if it had been somewhat cleansed and all was right with the world . . .

Webinars -- This week & Upcoming

I attended the webinar on Wednesday from Legacy. At first I was not sure how it would impact our research even though we have quite a few German ancestors and relatives plus remember that I have matched in DNA to a "HEIL" family that is directly from Germany.

Even though I have not found the connection to the HEIL family as yet, I'm certain that there is one and it is only a matter of time before we find the common ancestor.

The webinar proved (once again) to be both interesting and worthwhile. I learned some basics about German naming practices that makes it clear why I see some of the variations in some German names that show different first names for so many of the same individuals. And I'll put this information to good use especially when we know for sure our German connections.

The list of upcoming webinars shows the next five webinars that I'm sure to be attending. It is hard to believe that it is September next week.

Searching this Week

Again I did do some searching this week. I worked on a variety of branches just briefly and hopefully soon will be able to report on results.

I did find some nostalgic type photos in "old newspapers" that I'll be sharing soon.

So What is Coming Up This Weekend

Today we will be enjoying two sporting events -- Giants in the MLB and the Niners in the NFL:

And, we are saving a bundle by watching the games on TV. I checked on the ticket pricing for the Giants game today versus the Cardinals. The prices listed online for the game ranged from $44 to $600 each ticket -- WOW, we saved a bunch! And we are going to have "pretty good" hot dogs too.

Yesterday the Giants game was really exciting especially since they won too. But the game ended with a walk-off single (by Tomlinson) giving the Giants a great win over the Cards.

And tonight -- we will be watching (maybe not the whole game, it is preseason) the Niners play the Broncos. I checked on those tickets as well --  $60 to $455 each ticket and there would be airfare and hotel costs as well. We feel good to have saved these ticket prices AND we'll have some "pretty good burgers" during that game as well . . .

Lastly, on Sunday night we will be sure to be watching:

Who Do You Think You Are

I enjoy seeing the folks that are featured and it is really fun when we feel that we "know" them.

Tom Bergeron will be featured Sunday night and besides having read his recent book, we see him hosting two TV shows that we enjoy -- "Dancing With The Stars" and "Funniest Videos".

We look forward to finding out some of the secrets that he is searching for in his family tree and how they are uncovered.

That is a bit of our week and just now while writing this, my daughter Lisa called from Washington to say that they are experiencing very high winds and that a huge tree has landed in their back yard -- so far no one is hurt and hopefully no property damage -- more on that later.

It is hot dogs for lunch, burgers & fries for dinner. See you all "in a few"!

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