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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dem Lazy Daze . . . Over

I'm not sure if it is the power of suggestion or just my imagination -- but the skies this morning were strangely colored and I thought there was the faint smell of smoke . . . but one thing I am sure of was the noticeable heat at an early hour -- supposed to be at or near the century mark today.

This week has been warm to hot and looks as though that will continue. There is a report of a possible "El Nino" effect in a month or so when the drought may turn into flooding . . .

Those "Lazy, Crazy, Daze of Summer"

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs in the 40s and 50s meant returning to school after a fun packed summer. The return date was always the first week of September and after Labor Day.

But in our town today -- summer vacation for the kiddies -- is over as of this week. School begins next week on Wednesday -- it is hard to believe. The chimes and tones from the schoolyard behind our house have continued throughout the summer, but next week they will mean something.

School here begins August 19th. One block away is the school pictured to the right. It will be overrun by very excited and loud youngsters next week.

We can see the kids when they get their recess breaks and their lunch breaks. It is something that triggers our memory of doing exactly that at some school in our past life -- Gail for both attending and teaching.

Whole aisles in the supermarkets and big-box stores
are filled with the stuff that we still find fun to think about buying -- and sometimes we do replenish our office supplies at this time.

Webinar This Week

I attended this week's webinar thinking that it probably will be something that I might not find interesting -- but I was wrong.

The subject had to do with taking the real estate type descriptions of properties and putting them into a visual image.

A lot was covered and a lot was learned. I found it amazing how to translate the obscure descriptions into drawings that could show the property owned by our ancestors or even us for that matter.

These drawings could then be overlaid onto maps and an even more exact visual could be made.

This is something that I would find fun to do if and when I determine the property for more of our ancestors.

Searching This Week

Unbelievable as it may sound, this is the first week in many years that I have not really done much searching for ancestors. I did not spend my usual hours searching and searching. My feeling is that I will take some time "off" and then return with great enthusiasm.

It is like the jigsaw puzzle that I, we, are working on -- I find that if I take a break and refresh myself I usually find several more pieces -- I am thinking that this approach will be useful in the family searching as well.

We'll see . . .

Meantime -- What's Coming Up?

Tomorrow night on WDYTYA will be a special episode.

The previous episodes have been great as usually they are.

This episode is going into the "Who Do" vault and will explore some previously shown episodes using never-before-seen details.

And lastly, coming up in the sports environment:

Today, for example, there is the combination of watching MLB -- The S F Giants vs the Washington Nationals AND the S F 49ers vs the

Through the magic of the VCR we will be able to watch both events in a "live" mode even though they are on at the same time.

We did this last night as well -- we watched the Giants game and then about the 5th inning we paused that game and went to the Rams game and watched a full half, skipping the breaks and commercials and saw that half in about a half-hour . . .

We then went back to the Giants game and sped through the action there. TV viewing has changed a lot over the years -- for the better I think.

So, that is a bit of our week. It is Saturday (the mailman just confirmed "smoke in the air") so it was not my imagination.

It means hot dogs for lunch, burgers for dinner!  See you all "in a few"!

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