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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Part-Time Half-Moon

This week kept us busy, busier than ever. While the weather was hot, warm and in-between, we went about our everyday business:

I did work on and in the tree a bit, but not enough to warrant any reporting. I answered and responded to a few cousin requests and then got occupied with everyday projects.

The sounds of the kids back in school is reassuring that things are "lookin' up" as they say. While it is early and the typical "fall" feeling has not kicked in as yet, never-the-less the school yard is active and in use once again.

Projects This Week

So what took our time this week?  For one thing, we have an anniversary coming up this next week so we decided to give ourselves something that grabbed our attention and seemed like something we might enjoy . . .

The only issue was that it required  assembly.

To the left is the gift and project. It arrived in three flat boxes weighing in at several hundred pounds.

Sure, we can do this -- how hard could it be.

We looked at the boxes on the back deck for two days.

Then slowly we opened them and looked for detailed instructions. We did find a single sheet with instructions along with some drawings.

We took our time and only worked when the sun was not overhead. It took us four days to assemble the sauna pictured above -- it smells great.

We have not yet plugged it in but will do so soon to check everything out. There is an "800" number to call for any help needed.

Gail worked many months on the Christmas stocking pictured to the right -- and finally it came back from the finishers.

It looks great and will hold a lot of goodies. Gail had made several of these stockings for various family members but never one for us.

This will be featured in our home in a few months along with some of the other needle pointed ornaments that Gail
has managed to make (usually while watching sports).

This stocking will most likely be the last one of this type for Gail to do -- they take forever and it does get tedious.

Gail is working on smaller needle points -- ones that she can finish in relative shorter time periods.

While all the above was going on I finally finished the puzzle shown to the left.

I was not sure that I could "get into the groove" with this one due to the fact that the pieces were all so similar in color.

But it turned out that I developed a system and moved into high gear yesterday and finished it. It turned out beautifully and represents Van Gogh nicely. Apparently Van Gogh loved irises as we do as well.

Webinars This Week

While there were two Legacy Webinars this week -- I participated in the first one on Wednesday and will watch the second sometime this weekend.

The "Kentucky" webinar was very well done and even though we have only a few Kentucky relatives -- so far that we know of -- the process was helpful to learn.

The second webinar is on "Digital Family Reunions" and will be most
interesting I'm sure. The presenter from Family, Devin Ashby is excellent.

Both of these webinars are currently free to watch at Family Tree Webinars, but only for the next few days.

Coming Up this Week

Later this weekend -- on Sunday evening, the feature this week on WDYTYA will be Bryan Cranston.

Bryan has a unique story (don't we all) and it will be interesting to see how it plays out with respect to genealogy.

Last week's show which broke open the vault of previously shown features was also very interesting.

The show continues to amaze me in that it illustrates that there is so much information out there waiting to be discovered.

I would love to be able to have the resources that are used on the show to be used on our family tree.

What would be uncovered that we had no idea was there? Who would come out of the woodwork so-to-speak -- only time can tell.

On (and off) Our Nightstand

I forgot to detail our reading two weeks ago -- but we did have a new book that we started. And last night we finished that book and tonight we will start another new book:

We finished "This Is Your Captain Speaking" last night. We enjoyed the book very much. Gavin MacLeod had a really fascinating travel through Hollywood. We always enjoyed his two most recognizable characters -- Murry, on MTM and Captain Stubing on the "Love Boat".

But the story outside of the acting was also very interesting to learn about. Gavin is a top-notch example of "good" Hollywood. We enjoyed getting to know him better.

And lastly we decided to reread "To Kill a Mockingbird" so tonight that is what we will do.  We hope that reading a novel once in a while will be fun. We'll see . . .

That was a bit of our week, it is Saturday night, maybe burgers are in order . . . see you all "in a few"!

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