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Saturday, August 8, 2015


This was one of those weeks where we both wondered "what'd we do?" We went through all the motions and the iterations of a week -- but nothing stands out -- maybe that's a good thing.

While we weren't watching, a few new blooms showed up. The weather threatened to rain one day but did not. It was very hot a few days and then gray and so-so others and sometimes "muggy".

We did though keep the a/c on for most of the day each day. We "open-up" usually late sometime during the evening as the sun disappears. We much prefer natural air as opposed to refrigerated air if we can stand the warmth.

Baseball this week has the Giants on the road and so far we have watched almost every game this season as we did last season. Right now the Cubs are doing a "number" on the Giants, beating us the first two games of the series -- we'll be watching today's game soon.

I grew up watching the Cubs as "the" team to root for and I still have a bit of "root root root for the home team", Chicago Cubs, in me. My mother usually had the Cubs game on when I got home from school around 3:30 each day. In those days, Wrigley Field did not have lights so every game was a day game and all games were televised on WGN, channel nine.

I also remember that my father's parents at one time lived right across the street from Wrigley -- I did visit them there -- once -- I believe, maybe more times.

I have to say that Wrigley field still looks great after all these years.

Other Nostalgia

For some reason, the other day words to a song popped up in my head, a song which I had not thought of in many years -- "has anyone here seen Bubbles, B-U-B-B-L-E-S . . ."

Well, that song and many others were so much fun to remember and also recalling the person who sang and played those songs -- Two Ton Baker.

Two Ton Baker was always fun to watch and he always had a positive outlook and filled with enthusiasm.

He also was on WGN in Chicago as well as other stations in the 40s and 50s. Sadly he passed away in the mid-1970s. But I will always remember the fun he engendered. When looking up some of his information I found out that he even had married a girl from our town -- La Grange (Illinois).

The Searching This Week

I did a lot of searching this week, but a lot of it was on the dining table working the puzzle to the left.

It is without a doubt, the most challenging puzzle for me ever. The reason is that there are few definable shapes, no writing, and colors that are repeated in almost every segment of the picture.

Gail isn't anxious to work this puzzle very much so I have taken it on to finish it so we can get another more suitable one -- one that she would enjoy working on more.

Though I have to say that the other day while I had searched for a specific shape and was not having much luck after an hour or so -- Gail did spot the piece and solved that -- she then left me to the hunt again . . .

I did take breaks from the puzzle and worked on climbing the trees of the much bigger puzzle -- the Hiles Family Tree and others. The two activities are similar and rewarding when that special piece or name "fits".

Webinars This Week & Next

I did enjoy the webinar that I watched this week. It was "What's in a Name? Trouble!" by Ron Arons.

Ron took us through an unbelievable story about his Great Grandfather and the numerous names that he went by and the numerous ways that they could be spelled.

The name HILES can be spelled numerous ways too so I know some of the frustration, but to see Ron work through his situation was enlightening.

That webinar is still viewable for the next few days without charge and then later available for purchase.

Next week looks to be another great learning session -- "Power Platting" by Chris Staats and it should be very interesting as well.

What Else to do Next Week?

Tomorrow night on WDYTYA will be shown the story that developed when Alfre Woodard went searching for her ancestors.

It is always amazing to me the things that can be found from what might appear to be things that are "hidden forever".

I'll be watching for sure, if not tomorrow night, another night as we record all these shows.

And lastly,

On the right is the schedule for NFL preseason week one starting tomorrow night with the Hall of Fame Game.

Then there are games listed on Thursday evening, Friday evening and then for next weekend as well -- all in "week one".

So we have our assignments cut out for us and the everyday stuff as well.

It is Saturday, so it will be hot dogs while watching the Cubs & Giants play and then later burgers & fries while watching Perry Mason some other show . . .

I just have to say that as kids we grew up watching Perry Mason, Lawrence Welk, the Hit Parade and shows like that while having burgers on Saturday night.

That was a bit of our week, see you all "in a few"!

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