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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas, It's a Wrap . . .

As I write this there is less than a week until the big day. A great deal of this week has been spent wrapping the many items as they arrive via UPS, Fedex and USPS. The postal service has actually surprised me this week. One of the packages that we mailed on Monday of this week arrived safely at the destination before the end of the week . . .

On the other hand, the USPS in our local area sometimes look like the "keystone kops" of old. The various postal trucks race up and down, back and forth throughout our neighborhood. Actual mail service on Monday last, arrived at our house at 8:10 pm delivering what I believed to be a portion of our mail.  I was correct as they returned early the next morning with several packages on a
"special run" for just packages.

Last night we saw the postal truck stopped outside and watched as the two folks conferred about what to deliver to whom. One package was brought to the door and after several minutes of conferring, a second package was brought to the door . . . we stood ready for a third.

There is no question that Santa is expected to arrive in a few days -- but that is not the only event:

For the first time in almost 40 years, there will also be a "full moon" on Christmas. And I think that it will be almost that many years before another full moon at Christmas will appear -- so a timely event not to be missed.

Besides Christmas activities we were treated to other diversions, one of which was the Republican debate. That proved interesting and like some of the sporting events of late, our feelings were "mixed" at best.

But did you know that the Democrats have a debate scheduled for this evening.

And, it is three hours in length -- that would be roughly one-hour per participant.

If the Republican debate went one-hour per participant, it would still be going on . . .

So, we'll take a look-see tonight but no promises how much we'll actually see.

The other main diversion this week has been and will be NFL football. We do have to say that football this year leaves a lot to be desired. It just did not "bring it" for us that much so far. Maybe things will change . . . we can only hope.

Off to the right is the schedule for the remaining games this week.

There is actually a game tonight -- the Jets versus the Cowboys -- we may or may not watch that along with the debate and depending on which grabs our attention will determine where most of our time will be spent.

There are a couple of games on Sunday that catch our interest and we will be recording them for possible viewing.

MNF is somewhat appealing only from a "we hope that a certain team loses" perspective . . .

This post is almost all about Christmas related things. I have done some searching in a variety of branches of our tree -- but it was so sporadic that  it is difficult to summarize. Lately, though when I need to "get away from it all" I turn to and work in the trees.

And I also happened to look at some photos of a couple of recent Christmases. I particularly like the contented look on Dino as he gnawed on his "antler" chew. Later we enjoyed the yule log that Gail made . . .

And so it goes, we are amazed that this season is so fast upon us. In a week, it will be a memory to be added to the many other Christmas memories. We will then begin the countdown to the New Year.

Merry Christmas to all! And to all: "we'll see you in a few"!

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