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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas -- Presence, Now Passed . . .

It hardly seems possible that Christmas was two days ago already. We're are still in the Holiday mode. Partly it is because of the day of the week too. We were treated to at least three days so far of the "Christmas Moon" . . . and we had somewhat of a "white" Christmas:

On Christmas morning, we woke to a frost covering on the front lawn and on the roofs across the street. Of course, the whiteness disappeared rapidly but has returned each of the last two mornings.
The temperature at night here has been in the 20s . . . sounds like the Midwest, but that would be warm at night for them . . .

We had an enjoyable Christmas, saw a few folks that we don't see every day and some that we do . . .
We enjoyed the Christmas ham that I mentioned that we would, a few posts ago, for the reasons stated there besides the fact that I do really love ham.

Above is a Christmas collage that illustrates some of the high-points of the week so far -- there may even be more to come. The week between Christmas and New Years is pretty festive.

I did do some Family History searching, but I'll detail more of that in the coming year. Some of you (and we do know some that have already) will see the new Star Wars movie and maybe uncover the search there.

I don't know if this was uncovered in the movie, but you never know . . .

I am amazed at the information that is uncovered almost daily as I delve into the "tree".

I plan to spend quality time researching in the coming months and have already signed up for the available webinars at Legacy Family Tree.

Christmas, being the kind of holiday that it is, has brought new delights to our nightstand again this year. We are pretty much "set" for a few months in the reading-at-night category:

We just finished reading "A Christmas Story" this week (on the Kindle app on the iPad) and we have started reading "Unforgettable" by Scot Simon. Next we think we will read a book by Scot's sister Carly Carly Simon, "Boys in the Trees" and then after I have built up the muscles in my arms we will tackle "Sinatra The Chairman" which is most likely the heaviest book I have ever read -- in terms of actual weight -- it is 992 pages . . .

So we have a lot of interesting reading to do in the coming nights.

Lastly -- the countdown is on again for a couple of events:

It is still almost a month and a half away, but in our neck of the woods (the Bay Area) it is very
evident in the event impact arena.

So much is being done to showcase Levi Stadium's presentation of Superbowl 50. The Forty-Niners though will be watching -- like us,
on TV or possibly in a special section of the stadium designated for "players and their families",
-- those that didn't make the playoffs . . .

Then of course we are counting the days until New Year's Day -- just 5 to go.

I like "even numbered years" for some reason.

Happy Holiday week!  See you all "in a few"!

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