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Monday, February 29, 2016

Leaplings, Lions vs Lambs, Oscars

Okay, so I delayed this post so that I could postmark it 29 February . . . how often do we get that opportunity. About every four years and this is the year. I wanted to report on how many folks in our tree have/had birthdays on this date but, I will have to search out the "leaplings" at a later date.

But I can say that since it is the 29th of February that would make tomorrow March 1st and we know about the saying "in like a lion, out like a lamb".  It must be a statement dependent on geography because just here in the USA there would be many different takes on that.

Above is the current and six more days of the weather forecast for Healdsburg. Today is really a perfect weather day but it is not really very "lionish" tomorrow and the coming days, but neither is it "lambish". So for us here, it is "in like a lion" tomorrow March 1st.

So like a lot of other folks we watched the "Oscars".  We kept our record of the last few years by having not seen any of the nominated pictures as yet. I'm not sure if we have even seen any of last years nominated pictures yet . . .

But we have seen the above "Oscars" however not in person. We have sought out the Oscars within our tree and they are listed above. Out of about 10,000 + names in our tree, I could find but 16 Oscars.

I'm sure that there are more but I just have not found them as yet. Oscar has not been a real popular name in the last almost one hundred years, in our family. Most of the Oscars that I could identify were born in the 1800s.

I remember one time while taking a school photo, the photographer called me "Oscar" to get me to smile -- it worked. It still would, and especially at the DMV I need someone to call me "Oscar" to get that smile . . .

There is a great deal of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment when one satisfactorily finishes doing their income taxes.

Unfortunately -- I do not have that sense of accomplishment yet as I am still searching our records for the pieces of information that have to be entered.

I do have some figures and information entered and thank goodness for an electronic format to enter these things in a piecemeal fashion.

I like to "mull" over the categories and I am not in any hurry to "get them done". If I push the "send" button on April 15th that is fine with me.

This year though because of "Federal" holidays, for most of us the due date will be April 18th. The folks in Massachusetts and Maine have until the 19th of April.

Just how would we spend our time if some of the current candidates get their way and abolish the IRS. Maybe working at part time jobs to make up any differences . . . however, the prospect of a post card sized return is appealing.

Currently on our nightstand is the new book to the left. We did the "flip over all the pages" left in our previous book (like the way the old "What's My Line" show used to do) and we started Andy & Don.

Of course we both remember that show very well and are now enjoying the behind the scenes activities that recall many of the episodes.

It is fun to see pictures of Andy & Opie and realize that today Opie is a big-time director of many great films.

And of course while reading about Andy & Don their family history comes into play. It is fascinating to find out some of those details.

Also when you find out how "little" money they each made in the beginning of their careers you realize that maybe your own family was in about the same situation as well.

 Super Tuesday is tomorrow and by that I mean, "Finding Your Roots" is on.

This week it features Lidia of "Lidia's Kitchen" fame. We have enjoyed watching her cooking show for years.

And now we will learn about some of her family. We do know some about her son, who was on "Master Chef" for a few years.

There probably will be two others as well.

And can you stand-it, more political action tomorrow.

It is almost a shame that it seems like "how low can you go" is the norm for today's experience.

We will be watching the events (as if we had a choice) and just like the "Oscars", it will get tedious I'm sure and then again, maybe not.

That is a bit of our week. See you all "in a few"!

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