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Sunday, February 21, 2016

So, How's By You Then, Hey?

Growing up we might have heard that kind of greeting when we were out and about. I did hear something like that the other day and it got me thinking . . . and then my attention went with  the weather this week. It rained heavily for a couple more days (topped off the pool for us) this week and now it is nice and sunny supposedly for the next week.

The rain and now the warming sun has tricked some blossoms to begin to appear in mid-February. The California poppies are beautiful and they open and close each day. There are several more buds and stuff starting to bloom as well. It won't be long now . . .

I watched two Legacy Family Tree Webinars this week, but the one on Friday was pretty much about what I spend a lot of time doing.

FANs -- Friends/Family, Associates & Neighbors. These are the folks that populate the world of our ancestors.

Beth Foulk gave a very thorough presentation on ways to find FANs and then to utilize their information to document our own direct relatives.

I learn so much from Legacy Webinars -- the one last week on Wednesday was also one that was top-notch. Thomas MacEntee, who is always excellent, gave one of the most illuminating presentations  on the software WORD and how to use it and how to deal with some of the most common problem areas in that program.

The webinar series is free to see and worth so much. The webinars are lined up for the rest of the year and they keep adding additional ones as well. What a deal!

But, while I was searching through Ancestry this week (as usual) I always go through the section that lists the hints, and specifically I look through the photo hints. And to my amazement I spotted a newly posted picture of one of my relatives from my Mother's side.

It is a picture that I had not seen before and actually of someone that I had never seen photographed before. (Speaking of my Mother, it would have been her 104th birthday yesterday.) And so of course I am referring to the Bumgardner branch of our tree.

Above is the information and the photo of my Gr Gr Grandfather, George Franklin Bumgardner.
I sure hope that we can substantiate that this photograph is really of George. The photo is quite distinctive and George is a strikingly appearing person.

The photo actually appeared in the tree of a 3rd cousin of ours and I have thanked her first for sharing it and hopefully there might be photos of other Bumgardner relatives available as well. So this is actually my Grandfather's (Dayton Bumgardner) grandfather.

I have been to visit Muscatine, Iowa and have seen where his church is and where he and his wife are buried. George was an impressive achiever and so it should be that his likeness is as impressive as it is as well.

So, needless to say, it has me off and running in the Bumgardner direction. I am reviewing much of the documentation that I have accumulated over the years. More on that to follow in time.

So, currently on our nightstand is the book to the left. We are not too sure how long it will be there . . . as so far we are struggling with reading it.

First, it is a novel, and we have not read that many novels. Secondly, while it has been highly recommended by close friends, we will continue for a few more tries at "getting into it".

We do have several other books that may eventually temp us to "set this one aside" for possibly finishing at a later time.

We'll see . . .

Coming up next Tuesday evening will be another episode in the series "finding your roots" with Henry Louis Gates.

This next showing will feature Gloria Steinem and two others as is usually the case.

Bernie Sanders, in one of his admissions to a crowd of followers, says that Gloria Steinem has appointed him an "honorary woman" status . . . it did not help him in the Nevada caucus though . . .

This series by Gates continues to teach and to entertain. I will miss it when it is done for the season.

That's a bit of our week. And to finish in the style of our start -- "Ya, we'll see yas, in a few though"

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