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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy 87th Day -- Easter !

It is truly a surprise that 23.8% of 2016 has come and gone but it has happened. And it is Easter already. There are 279 more days to go this year and after 225 days we will have elected a new president.

Today, in Northern California it is clear, crisp, sunny and not too hot with just enough breeze to make it fresh. There are families throughout our neighborhood having friends and relatives "over" for dinner and it does feel like a holiday.

I had a feeling about this photo and it turns out that it is NOT who we thought it was -- but it is another relative instead.

I was so excited about getting this photo that I did not authenticate it but we now have.

Instead of being a photo of George Franklin Bumgardner, it is actually a photo of his son, George R Bumgardner.

Through the communication of a few cousins, it has now been determined that it is identified correctly.

George R (we haven't determined what the "R" stands for yet) Bumgardner was born in Muscatine, Iowa, served in the Civil War, had at least three children, died and was buried in Topeka, Kansas.

Over to the right is a relationship chart that you can click on and enlarge.

It shows how George R Bumgardner and his family is related to me.

George is a 2nd Great Uncle of mine. It shows one of his three kids (Bert Jay) who is a 1st cousin and then one of Bert's kids, Wretha Lillie Bumgardner, who is a 2nd cousin.

To me, all very interesting and we'll be looking for more information and folks to update this family.

Interestingly, George R joined the U.S. Army on 8 September 1862 and served for the duration of the war, mustering out just over 150 years ago on 2 June 1865, in Washington D.C. The photo of him in the uniform may be from that period.

My Mother always talked about her side of the family by mentioning the Butler -- Rankin -- Rider -- Bumgardner connections.

But I do not recall her mentioning the Hoopes -- but I'm finding out that the Hoopes are a major part of the family tree. And they are impressive (just like the Butlers) to say the least.

Martha Ann Bumgardner, daughter of George Franklin Bumgardner started branching out by marrying William L Butler.

Their daughter, Martha A, continued the branching out by marrying John Andrew Hoopes.

It turns out that the owner of the picture of George R Bumgardner came from a Hoopes -- a cousin that I did not know of before a couple of weeks ago. More about her in future posts.

Off to the right are just some of the 80 or so Hoopes that I have so far in our tree.

In the bottom right are Clarence and Lilly Hoopes, the parents of the cousin who provided the photo (and authenticated it) of George R Bumgardner.

To the left is a glimpse of a few "Butler" family members in the tree.

There are around 50 so far in this group, but I'm sure to expand that soon.

Both of these families are impressive and have some very interesting stories.

And now a dose of reality as characterized by a favorite comic strip of ours:

Sad, but so true . . .

But, what's for dinner on this Easter Sunday?

A spiral-sliced, honey flavored full half of ham, fresh broccoli and slow-roasted mini white potatoes.

Needless-to-say, we're looking for ham recipes for later this week . . .

That's a bit of our week. See you all "in a few"!

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