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Sunday, March 13, 2016

It's About Time . . .

I woke up later this morning than I normally do, and it wasn't just about the time change. For some reason I was about one half hour later and so added to the Daylight Savings change I was already behind about and hour and a half . . . not a big deal really, but something that throws a crimp into the day.

And yes, we got rain, lots of rain and some more to come and then mostly sunny skies the rest of this week.

California is talking about eliminating the "time change" as a couple of other states have done.  I'm thinking that maybe leaving the time at Daylight Savings Time might be alright because having daylight into the evenings is a nice thing . . .

The "Time Magazine" cover above is the cover from the week of my birth, just in case you were wondering. I still get/got "Time". . .

A couple of posts ago I posted a picture of my Gr Gr Grandfather, George Franklin Bumgardner. I had never seen it before and wanted to see if I could find out where it came from. I still do not know that, but I did find out that it was in the possession of a couple of cousins of mine, that I had never met or known about before my search.

So, my searching this week started out roughly in the branches appearing above. In the top right you can see the picture of George Franklin Bumgardner. And then there are names from the Butler family, the Hoopes family and then way down to the bottom right, a new cousin family -- the Patrick family.

The Butler/Bumgardner branch started with Martha Ann Bumgardner (dau of George) marrying William L Butler. Martha & William had several children and one of those was Mary Butler.

Mary Butler married Benjamin Franklin West and from that union came Frances B West. Frances was born about the same time as my own mother and she was born in Ohio. Frances married William G Patrick and hence the Patrick family had it's origin.

I have been communicating with two of the sons of Frances & William and they have been very helpful  in providing names and other family information. I have started to link  our two branches in and eventually to

During the exchange of emails, it was suggested that the book shown to the right might be one in which I would be able to find some good "Bumgardner" information.

At first I was skeptical because of the spelling of "Baumgardner" which was not the way our branch spelled the name.

Fortunately, I was able to find and purchase a copy of the book on eBay. And so I now have it and have paged through it some and of course it IS about our Bumgardners, only they include an "a" in the spelling.

I have seen Dayton Bumgardner mentioned along with his children, including my mother and her siblings.

I am going to look more in-depth to connect other branches of this maternal related family.

As I have mentioned, the current search began with Martha & William.

In the book I found pictures of both of them and I have included them in the chart to the left.

There are several other photos in the book, none
of our immediate family but certainly of our extended family.

As I have often mentioned it is really nice to see a photo of one of our own.

I look forward to exploring the book to see what else I can uncover.

And actually, I was able to add another Bumgardner to our branch -- Charles Bumgardner.

There are many Charles' in the Bumgardner family and this one I had listed but did not really know much about.

I am pretty sure he was an officer in the Civil War -- but not from the side that we usually see for our family. He was a Confederate Captain . . .

It will be interesting to find out more information as I dig through the book and other sources.

It was nice that I found a picture of his wife as well. Genealogy is an activity that really there is no end-to.

There are always new folks to meet and to get to know.

Lastly, here is a chart showing the relationship to our new found cousin-family.

We look forward to getting to know them better. There are several geography related similarities and some other life experiences that are common.

There are a lot of B(a)umgardners to read about in the book. I try not to let the spelling of the surname make a difference.

We probably all come from the same family and for whatever reasons, some chose to spell them differently.

I suppose that might mean that we are related to Madison Bumgarner afterall . . . and that reminds me, baseball season is getting started again and the Giants are playing . . .

I have to say that this time change is seemingly affecting other things today. For example, my smart watch did automatically update the time (thank you very much) but it is showing a very low number of steps of the 10,000 recommended for each day. I've got to get busy on that.

We also were not hungry for lunch until about 3 pm . . . I think it is harder getting used to the time change as a retired person as opposed to when we were working.

That is a part of our week. See you all "in a few"!

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