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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Decoration Day Weekend

Growing up we always celebrated "Decoration Day" on May 30 (my brother reminded me). It wasn't so  much that I had forgotten that, but hadn't really thought of it.  But I always thought that the day was celebrated due to WWI -- but I am wrong -- it was shortly after the Civil War that this day was set aside to honor the war dead and has continued to today to honor all war dead.

Above is the flag waving in front of the house along with some of the yard "decorations" for this day and all others as well. The Irises (far right) are particularly beautiful as they pick and choose when they will simultaneously appear around the yard.

The weather is cooperating the last few days with temperatures in the high 80s and a warm streak forecast along with at least one day next week over the 100 degree mark . . .

So, what to do on this weekend -- all the local down-home celebrating is pretty much finalized with the FFA exhibits and attractions along with the food booths taken down for this season.

But the 500 mile race is on as I write this post and since we record it, we'll probably watch at least some of it while lunching.

It is the 100th anniversary of the "running" of the race this year taking into account the years that there was no race, so 1911 -- 2011 was the other anniversary.

As I have mentioned before, the 500 mile race was always a big attraction for us in the Midwest. And for at least one cousin of ours (Bruce Hiles) remembering living in Indianapolis.

 Going from the "Brickyard" to the brickwall is how my week went.

It seems that this is the time for running into that proverbial wall. Almost every branch that I ventured into brought me head first into the wall.

However I did have one success this week and that had to do with making a connection to a family that I knew very little about.

I'll share more details of that connection when I firm up all the sources but suffice it to say that after investigating numerous individuals I eventually found a marriage that seems to have linked our family with a previously unknown family. It was rewarding to find that "needle in the haystack".

While all the above was going on, Dino, our yellow Labrador retriever was caught pondering his reflection in the pool.

A pool that in almost five years he has never been in . . . he looks at it like in the picture, but declines all invitations to "jump in".

So, not all labs are water dogs, but then again neither are we at times.

For me, all the searching and addiction to family history came about because of a certain eight day TV event back in the 1970s -- and of course I am referring to the "Roots Mini-Series". That show had my family riveted in front of the TV for eight straight nights. And when it was over I came to the decision that I could trace our "roots" . . .

That show changed my life and guess what, there is to be a new "Roots Mini-Series" starting tomorrow night on the History Channel:

The new series is scheduled to be on four nights starting tomorrow night for a total of eight hours.
I plan not to miss it. But unlike 40 years ago, this series I can record and watch at my leisure. Maybe this series will also have a life-changing impact as well.

And lastly, no explanation required, just something that is "the sign of the times".

And that is a bit of our week. Sunday dinner is to be a surprise . . . see you all "in a few".

Happy Decoration/Memorial Day!

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