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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend -- Comin' Up

Even though Memorial Day is not until a week from Monday, our town combines the celebration with the Future Farmers Parade and a down-home Country Fair. To keep the celebration more for the local folks, the parade is a twilight Thursday evening event (26th) ssshhh . . .

Growing up, Memorial day was always associated with "Poppies", not so much anymore, though there are plenty of us around who do remember that association

This week again was a strange weather one -- hot, cold, rain, sun, a mixture of everything. And inside, A/C, heat, fans, windows open, windows closed . . . we just roll with it.

Back to the parade and fair:

The parade itself is no "little deal", it usually goes for over two hours and features as much agricultural and farming equipment as possible AND numerous live bands with a focus too on the various military units and equipment from the area.

We have sat and watched the parade, rode on a float (as shown in the upper right, Gail) and walked the entire parade route -- dog on leash . . .

If the weather is right and the inclination suits us, we will attend this year's event. Everything winds up about two blocks from our house, so we will wander over to view the festivities there as well. It
continues for a couple of days.

Genealogy -- well, it seems that I have hit a slow-spell for right now. I did do a lot of searching, but it was random and all over the tree. I participated in a couple of Webinars and they were great.

I watched the first show of the returning "Genealogy Roadshow" and that was fun. There were many folks who found out facts about their families that they had no idea of prior to the show.

I also watched "Long Lost Family" which is another really well-done show about usually the story of finding an adopted baby or finding the parents of someone who is adopted. They feature two such stories each episode and they are excellent to watch.

Some sites like Ancestry, RootsMagic, Findmypast, and many others, search for ancestors for us even when we are not on the site. And Geni is another site that does that as well:

And so, surprise, surprise. Jimmy Stewart is a cousin. It would have been nice to know that earlier but it's still fun to know now.

It is interesting to follow the path to the connection. As so often is the case with my branch, it is through the Gillett side of the tree that the connection opens up to the world . . .

Anyone related to me then is related to Jimmy Stewart -- check it out.

And lastly this week -- a peek at what it might be like over at the HFFCF again this year:

Where's the blanket?  Actually, ironically it was bacon for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch, and ham steak for dinner . . .  what more can I say.    

That's a bit of our week. See you all "in a few".

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