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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Diamond Jubilee -- Redaction Reaction

A Diamond Jubilee was celebrated in our home this week! A "quiet, down-home" celebration unlike some of the ones that we have seen publicly. We're into that time when simpler events are meaningful and rewarding. And that is just what we had for Gail:

What is one thing Gail has in common with Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Ann Margaret, Bernie Sanders, Neil Diamond, Martha Stewart, Dick Cheney, Pete Rose, Jesse Jackson, Faye Dunaway, Nick Nolte, Paul Anka, Paul Simon, Leslie Stahl, Ryan O'Neal, Helen Reddy, Ann Rice, Chubby Checker and many many others -- all turn 75 this year, and Gail did on Friday! Congrats to her!

Even "The Donald" sent a card -- how does he find the time especially with all that is going on . . .

And speaking of "all that is going on" the flags to the right, European Union and Great Britain are certainly filling all news theses days.

Great Britain did vote to sever their ties with the European Union and everyone is wondering what that means to them.

What is really surprising is that it appears people in Britain are also wondering what that means as Google reported that in Britain the number one search item is "BREXIT".  It makes you think that maybe some British folk were also caught unawares.

I had to brush up on my awareness of the EU and what all it meant and continues to mean. It will be most interesting to see what is in-store for the UK.

Another country that is NOT in the European Union is Norway.

Apparently they have voted twice -- some time ago -- to stay out of the EU.

Their reasoning had to do mostly with protecting their fishing industry which is second only to their oil industry.

I have heard on the news that Britain is being advised to study what Norway has done and is doing regarding interaction with all the other EU countries.

But, closer to home for me is that this week I have just received communication from a cousin in Norway. He is related to, of course, the Thorbjornsen family, which is our Samuel Martin family, my Great Grandfather.

Alf Christophersen is descended from Samuel Martin's older brother and he and I have exchanged emails throughout this week. And, his hobby is -- guess what -- "slektsgransking" otherwise in English, genealogy.

Above is a picture he included with one of his emails and it is of Neils Theodor Thorbjornsen. also a brother of Samuel Martin. All very exciting and he also sent a ton of genealogical info on the family over there.

So I look forward to getting a better handle on the Thorbjornsen (Martin) branch and to maybe understanding more how to deal with "patronymic" surnames.

Much closer to home -- Healdsburg -- what is going on in our town?

Above is a picture taken yesterday of the five-way intersection at the entrance to our town from the south. The intersection is always a nuisance to encounter and is especially so at "rush-hour". For a town of just over 10,000 you can imagine the grid-lock . . .

So, the solution -- a roundabout has been proposed AND is in phase one starting this week. It has been a source of controversy but we like the idea a lot and know that it will be a huge positive addition to the town.

Healdsburg has a website -- if you are interested -- to follow the progress:

Healdsburg Roundabout

It will be fun to watch the progress (we're old . . .) via the internet and the webcam set up strategically at the intersection.

And finally, another very hot topic these days is of course gun control . . .

The scenario to the right has to be part of the equation.

We can certainly justify a lot of purchases, but this one has to be scrutinized.

I actually think the fellow considering the purchase looks familiar.

I'm sure that we've seen him "in town". . .

And so went our week. We are in the middle of a
heat wave with triple digits coming again this week.

See you all "in a few"!

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