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Sunday, November 6, 2016


For the 40 million or so who watched IT happen, could there be anymore sense of joy (except for the poor Cleveland fans) than what was displayed moments after the 10 innings of high tension baseball concluded with an infield ground-out. What a game!

If the pattern continues, there won't be a person alive today (probably) that will witness the Chicago Cubs winning their next World Series -- 1908 and then 2016 and then 21?? . . .

My parents did not experience a Cubs World Series (my father was 1 year old in 1908 however) but for practical purposes neither did Gail's parents in their lifetime, not that they would have been Chicago Cubs fans anyway -- but they could have been.

A lot has happened this week and a lot more will happen next week. Early balloting has to be frustrating to many folks. I felt bad for the fellow knocking on our door seeking our vote for him to the city council -- we voted last week -- and I did vote for three of the folks who came to the door asking for our vote (he was not one of them).

Also, the robo calls keep coming (usually one per item as we then block future calls from that number) and how do you know who is relating the facts in the correct way. We get so much literature with a "NO" on this and then a lot more with a "YES" on that . . . After awhile it gets so jumbled as to the real issues. On one side something may sound so logical and then that logical notion is pulled apart and exposed as being "crazy".

I am with the pundits now -- please let's end this campaign and get on with the real spirit of the times,
Christmas shopping.

It's hard to believe that in less than 48 hours we will know the answer to the above question. Some claim to know now . . . and maybe they do, but I'm sure that they will say "I told you" or something to that effect whoever is the winner.

I will enjoy watching the results roll in -- I think.

Who will be the object of our focus for the next four years at least unless for some reason there is a shortened time period . . . have to refocus on maybe one of the two VPs running . . .

In last week's post I mentioned that I had found some "new" cousins living in the Washington state area and that I was looking into a sad tale of one of them -- and I have that tale included today.

The story is actually about the husband of a 2nd Cousin of mine. That Cousin is the grandchild of Mollie Bumgardner (married to Thomas Hoopes) her husband's name is David McGaughey.

While putting these folks into the tree I noticed that David had died at an early age -- so I investigated by looking through old newspaper accounts, and here is one article that I found:

What a shame that someone had to die in this manner and so young and leaving a young family as well.

The interesting fact is that I shared this article with some living cousins and they had not seen this article and that there had always been somewhat of a mystery behind David's death.

I'm sure that there is more to this story as I wonder if the killer was ever found. I'll nose about a bit but it is so old I don't hold a lot of hope of finding out more facts.

Another story that came to the forefront this week was about someone that I had written about in the February 12, 2011 post.

Growing up I heard the name "Hiles Stout" a lot in the context of sporting news. I found it fascinating that someone would have as their first name, my surname.

You can do a google search at the top of this post for "Hiles Stout" and the post in question will come up.  I did communicate with Hiles and he was not sure how he got the name of "Hiles" other than he thought it was from somewhere in his mother's side.

Hiles Stout passed away last week at the age of 81. I'm so glad that I did have a chance to communicate via email with him a few years ago.

And lastly, today is the day that we "fall back down" again. I don't really suffer from SDD, but I do know some folks that do. I seem to enjoy all time periods but it is getting annoying to have to change so many clocks and time pieces -- thank goodness for the ones that are controlled by satellite and WI-FI . . . though I did have one of our two "smart-watches" correctly change the time and other not.

So that is a bit of our week. Soon we'll have very little of interest to watch on TV what with baseball over for several months, football remains "iffy" and no more political stuff . . . sure.

See you all "in a few" !

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