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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thanksgiving Week . . . Thank Goodness !

We thought that it would never get here -- just kidding. We are thankful for so many things. One of which is that the election and campaigning (robo calls) are finally over. We can now get back to the real world activities -- but then again this IS the real world activities.

We are experiencing flashes of color like the above, in between the dark rain skies. Yesterday we received over two inches of rain -- and we love it. The pool magically filled itself.

Well, doggone, just when we were planning a trip there.

What took so long -- the closing of this huge mall and others will help make the day a true "holiday" again.

The images of shoppers storming the doors of retailers at the moment that they opened are forever etched in our minds.

I'm trying to think "when was the last time that I was even in a mall . . ." I can't recall. It is almost like "when was the last time I was in a train station" . . .

But do not fear -- if you get the urge to shop in between eating a turkey dinner and maybe some football -- you still can.

Head on over to your PC or tablet or smart phone and go right to Amazon Prime and / or Google Express and shop all you want.

So, they probably won't deliver on Thanksgiving Day, but probably on Black Friday they will.

Seriously though, we use Amazon Prime every week to purchase necessities and some nice-to-have things. And usually within two days we have our purchases.

And in the last two months, Google Express (which features deliveries the next day) from a large number  of retailers, has  solved our dilemma of not always being able to get to the store when supplies of certain things are running out.

The above two delivery services have "saved our bacon" so-to-speak. There are so many delivery trucks now going up and down our street you'd think that we lived in a business district -- and maybe we do.

The only downside to receiving so many home deliveries is -- what to do with all the cardboard.
At first I thought that I'd save and reuse a lot of the really great boxes, but there is no way we can store that many and we don't need that many to send things -- unless we go into a small business . . .

If only the USPS was as productive and reliable as UPS and FedEx and the others. When our regular mail person is "off" for the day or week, our service deteriorates a lot.

It's true what is said above, there should be more than one day that we officially give thanks. It is not-so-true that football is the true meaning of thanksgiving. Football on Thanksgiving Day may go the way of "visiting the mall on Thanksgiving" after this year for the way the game has been spoiled by certain activities.

There still are three games televised this Thursday and we may glimpse at a bit of them, but then again maybe not depending on how we feel. Keep the turkey dinner tradition alive with family gathered and keep it so that the day is still one of the best holidays of the year.

Growing up, Thanksgiving always was a day that was special in our family. Many times we piled into our car and made the trip from the suburbs into Chicago to spend the day at the home of my maternal Grandparents.

Dinner was eaten usually around 3 PM giving us time to relax afterwards playing some pool or just unwinding  AND then around 7 PM turkey sandwiches would be served -- boy do I remember those.

Then it was usually a cozy ride back home when us kids often fell asleep knowing that "all was well".

In those days there wasn't an official "black Friday" as we know it today -- Friday was Friday and I can't remember heading out shopping particularly on that day. Usually in the Chicago area it was snowy and cold and we mostly played indoors -- but the Thanksgiving four day holiday is a pleasurable memory to be sure.

So, as we look to this Thursday we are reminded of the previous Thanksgivings and the events of those days. Above is a collage of "stuff" in the last year or so that we are thankful for . . .

We do have a large part of the refrigerator devoted to the thawing of a large poultry protein. We will process that along with the traditional trimmings and we expect a pleasant day even if it rains some as forecast.

Have a nice Thanksgiving Day and we'll see you all "in a few" !

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