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Saturday, May 9, 2009

From the Greener Branches

Summer seems to be here . . .80's yesterday, probably the same today, nice.

While the town celebrates 150 years we celebrate today's happenings.

This week finds Marv & Nancy making their way to Portland to visit Kris & Ian and families . . . they will be there for about a week.

Today Silvia and Olivia return from the school trip to D.C. they were there for a week and I'm sure they will have lots to share . . .

Gail recuperates after doing "something" to her back while energetically pursuing "spring" cleaning . . . but there are benefits, especially with respect to finishing "that needlework project" and catching up on the weekly golf tournament starring Tiger and others.

Because the weather is the way that it is, there is an endless parade of walkers and joggers crossing my field of vision as I work on the trees.
I expect soon to be creating those smells of summer -- from the BBQ smoker on the deck. We have started looking at possible replacement units to accomplish our favorite dishes. I suspect it is really a way to keep me motivated to continue preparing some meals that would otherwise be prepared by someone else . . .

From the branches farther out: Chris and family in Seattle are sooo busy, Chris with everyday work (and that is a good thing) while Tiffany continues her eBay efforts and takes care of the four kids. Lisa is busy and working very diligently at her job and along with Bob is enjoying the Northwest.

It is the time for proms -- and recently two of our own -- Dayton, here and Jessica up in Wisconsin have attended proms . . . speaking of Wisconsin, Jeremy continues on his new job but is toying with a variety of options as well. And we see the results of fishing with he and Lizzie bringing in the catch.

And coming up here there will be a graduation -- Olivia has sent out invitations already for that June event and according to her father maybe even a GrandUncle from the East will be attending (I can smell the brimstone already . . .)

We have even heard in a second hand way that another of the clan will be graduating (from High School) it looks good for Marth's Bobby as he will be wearing the cap and gown over there in Reno in a few weeks.

And so from the green I return to looking at the fallen leaves -- it's back to Ancestry, Geni, Footnote, Facebook, Twitter and the numerous other sites that help me "rake" . . .

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