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Monday, May 11, 2009

A New Week . . .

Even though being retired the feeling of "Monday" is still there. The sense of the start of another set of days. Sometimes though there is the "Groundhog" sensation to deal with -- it is amazing how I see that movie in my mind as I find myself getting ready to walk the dog each and every morning and when I fill my pot of freshly brewed "Estima" each day. I do though have certain mugs I use depending on the day of the week. That helps differentiate days I suppose -- I have my "Sunday" mug and my "Saturday" mug and then two or three different mugs that I rotate during the week days.
These mugs each hold a special memory for me -- usually of a trip to a specific location. Each of the mugs are oversized and many were purchased from different Starbucks located in different visited cities. Since these are large mugs I fill them usually half way and let the coffee adjust to a lesser than hot temperature and then sip as I read or write or search on the web.
Today is laundry day -- and the once a week event seems to come sooo fast
just like the "trash" day event.
I have about 2 or 3 more half cups to go before finishing my daily ration. I am taking a break from Ancestry's 1940 Census substitute data base to write this blog. I found a lot of city directory listings for various relatives in just the hour or so of looking -- I look forward to 2012 when the real 1940 census is released.
And now to update the green leaves activities: Gail continues to needlepoint her way to recovering from the back "injury" of last week. We heard from Silvia that she and Olivia loved the trip to D.C. but are glad to be home. Gail heard from both her kids on Mother's Day plus from one of mine, and that is nice. I noticed that Marv even though on holiday to Portland has checked into the Geni site to "see what's happening" . . . ain't web based sites grand . . .
I have been thinking a lot about Amzaon's Kindle lately. We read a lot and then over the years have accumulated a large library of books that last year we started giving away. We donated several boxes of books to the library and gave others to relatives and friends -- but with the Kindle maybe that would be a sort of compromise -- except for being able to share books when done reading. We already forward most magazines to others -- except for my genealogy ones.
Break is over, I can hear the washer/dryer cycle is over too meaning there are items begging to be folded and distributed after which it will be back to the web for hopefully more discoveries . . .

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