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Friday, May 1, 2009

So it's May . . .

We are getting new flowers today, the gardening people are digging them in as I write, lots of topsoil and the sounds of shovels and all . . . it should be done before the promised rain comes. The rain was supposed to be so April but we'll take it whenever.

This week has been fruitful in genealogy as well. I have spent a lot of time searching for related news clippings that will illuminate some of our ancestors lives -- and I have been successful. Once I find an article off I go in the direction that it takes me.

This approach is fascinating because I at random find myself in many branches of the tree. Once on a particular branch I try to go deeper and find proof sources for each person. Once I find something of interest I put it on my website and other sites that I subscribe to.

All of my work is usually accompanied by the sounds of XM channels 77 or 78 and sometimes 51, 23 or 5 or 6 and once in a while 28 . . . those of you who subscribe to XM know . . . the other sounds that I look forward to are the sounds of UPS bringing something to the door.

Being retired and being able to engage my time doing the things I really enjoy -- genealogy, photography, cooking and sometimes baking bread, doing limited projects around the house, shopping at my favorite stores (we need a Costco fix every so often) and playing cards with my wife out on the deck -- these activities sometimes bring a small feeling of guilt, guilt that I should be doing something more worthwhile . . . but then I get over that and engage myself in another search on Ancestry or GenealogyBank or Footnote or another of my favorite websites.

So, for today in May as I listen to Mozart, I will search for tidbits about the family and when I find them, all will be well again -- until tomorrow.

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